Leap Around Your Living Room

I have utter, unparalleled love and adulation for the song Braindead by Exodus. The intro that song makes me want to jump around the room. It is the pure, unfiltered essence of thrash metal.

The album version is stunning, but I really love the insane live version on Good Friendly Violent Fun. You can just hear the intensity of that performance coming through. Magic.

Any other recommendations for music to leap around your living room to?

  • http://www.bensdrivel.com Ben Foote

    I can’t believe no one has responded yet.

    Anyways, you will definitely jump around to “Last Light” by Converge off of their cd, You Fail Me.

    You can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g46qw-opanA …but ignore the video. Its one of those typical YouTube videos where the song plays, but then someone has put their own images in the background.

    …best metal song ever!

  • desmaj

    You’ve struck a nerve with me. It’s probly an entirely different vibe, but I’ve always found it impossible to stay still when I hear Soul Coughing’s paint. I crouch down and the bounce around the room like a frustrated frog.

    Paint on last.fm

  • http://ubuntustudio.org MetalMusicAddict

    I just got too many of these so I’ll go with a new one. 😛

    [Machine Head – Aesthetics Of Hate] (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vTenEdzuuA)

  • http://meanmachine.wordpress.com/ Mean-Machine

    I’ve got many songs that make me jump around the house:

    Kreator – Flag of Hate (best gig at this year’s Wacken) At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul Dio – Holy Diver Kataklysm – Prevail

    and many, many more…

  • aguafuertes

    Nearly everything by Rage against the machine!

  • http://nicholasgriffiths.com/blog NickG

    Most Children of Bodom songs make me want to dance around like a loon, Bodom Beach Terror being a definite.

    Also, I’ve never heard any Exodus before so thanks for pointing out what a cracking band they are!

  • Jayne The Great!

    Funnily enough, songs from that dashing, handsome chap, on his Severed Fifth project! hehe, 😉 Seriously though Van Halen Jump always gets me going! Also anything by AC/DC and more recently anything by Airbourne, they are fab!

  • http://www.geekandroll.com Cesar

    Kreator: Enemy of God. The first time I heard that stuff I was like, this is it, and my head couldn’t stop banging (no leaping around the room because I was in a CS lab in a research center). The same sensation I got when I first listened to Angel of Death of the mighty Slayer.

    BTW, have you heard the new Slayer song, Psychopathy Red? Amazing stuff.

  • Tom


  • Brett

    Paper Tiger by Dry Kill Logic Born is the Enemy by Daysend Murder, House of Love by Lollipop Lust Kill Reasons to Hate by Violent Work of Art

    Pig Destroyer’s album, Phantom Limb

  • Matt

    All Hail the New Flesh – Strapping Young Lad!