UDS Killed The Radio Star

One of the most prominent new features of UDS Jaunty was our extensive use of video. Using eight cameras, a stack of SD cards, a bunch of tower machines encoding and an army of volunteers, we captured a significant chunk of UDS. Thanks to Chris Jones and James Troup for all their in getting the cameras up and running.

Firstly, we had video cameras in every track. Using volunteers at the event, we tried to record every session on every track. We currently have the first three days worth of sessions uploaded, and the final few days will be online soon. All of the videos are available in Ogg Theora format and you can grab them at videos.ubuntu.com. Sorry about the rather unobvious filenames right now: we plan on renaming them soon.

In addition to this, Tony Whitmore of the Ubuntu UK podcast and bloody nice bloke interviewed over 20 developers while at UDS. They have all been uploaded to the Ubuntu Developer Channel. Here are some rather convenient links to check them out (in order of when they were filmed):

That should keep you lovely people occupied for a while. Enjoy! :)

  • foo

    and Ubuntu killed Debian.

  • http://www.fooishbar.org daniels

    ITYM videos.ubuntu.com. :)

  • jono

    daniels – oops, fixed. :)

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  • http://linuxoutlaws.com Fab

    Wow…. Tony was busy, wasn’t he. It’ll take a day to watch all that!! :roll: 😆

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  • Novus

    Awesome! wget -r http://videos.ubuntu.com/uds/jaunty/ and I’ll be set for the weekend 😀

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  • http://cyounkins.blogspot.com/ Craig Younkins

    Thought I would do that, but wget downloaded everything above that directory too. This is what you want:

    wget -r -np http://videos.ubuntu.com/uds/jaunty/

    -np is for “no parent”