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Leap Around Your Living Room

I have utter, unparalleled love and adulation for the song Braindead by Exodus. The intro that song makes me want to jump around the room. It is the pure, unfiltered essence of thrash metal. The album version is stunning, but I really love the insane live version on Good Friendly Violent Fun. You can just […]

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Sneaky Education And The Desktop

When I was a kid, I owned a Sega Megadrive (Sega Genesis for my American friends). I spent hours on that thing. Sonic The Hedgehog. Streets Of Rage. Desert Strike. Toejam And Earl. I loved it. One game that was released was Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Back then it was marketed as […]

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jb@home Rockstars

One thing I am most proud of about is that there is some great discussion in the comments. It seems the most magical aspect of blogging is that no matter what I babble on about, it invariably results in some interesting discussion in the comments. Thanks to everyone who has participated over the years. […]

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Governments And Free Content Policies

A nice little story for those of you who may have missed it. Last week Larry Lessig blogged about how the new site for Obama included the following at the bottom of the page: CONTENT COPYRIGHT © 2008. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Larry pointed to Chris Messina’s post asking why a Creative Commons license was […]

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Twitter. It Now Makes Sense.

At first I wondered what was the point of twitter. Today I found it: johnleach introduced his cats to squirty cream. one was terrified of it. years of trust building, gone in one short hilarious squirt. You are an amusing man, Mr Leach.

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