You Don’t See This Very Often…

Something I discovered while looking at the Bolt Thrower website a little while back. I had to share it:

All I can say is “Wow”.

  • nixternal

    Insane. For some strange reason, that picture made me think of Lt. Dan from Forest Gump.

  • Mean-Machine

    Pure madness! This is the power of Death Metal!

  • Michael Erskine

    Fantastic! Was a ramp required for stage diving?

  • Antonio Roberts

    +1 for dedication!

  • David Futcher

    That happened at a gig I was at recently. The Subways and Twin Atlantic at ABC in Glasgow. Neither are particularly heavy (at least not by your standards) so imagine my amazement when people started crowdsurfing during the support act. Then imagine my utter bewilderment when a dude in a wheel chair surfed .. twice.

  • linuxcrypt

    That’s just pure awesome! Everyone likes to get their float on.

  • Pendulum

    I know a couple people who’ve crowdsurfed in their wheelchairs. I have yet to have the opportunity…

  • That’s Mister Surly to you

    BOLT THROWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fernando

    that’s love of rock

  • Steve

    Death metal? The singer kinda looks like Eddie Vedder.

  • Okinawa

    Wow, just wow…

  • PleX

    Gotta fuckin love a crowd like that

  • Shelley

    Ive completely forgotten about Bolt-Thrower! Arent they the band based on a scfi boardgame and have lyrics about Aliens, Machine guns and the ‘Emperor’?

    Epic picture, how did he get up onto the stage to dive in the first place?

  • The Sound Guy


  • LaideyLee

    When I was wheelchair-bound, I was lifted up by some hardy men and carried aloft around a party. Pretty scary. Pretty awesome.

  • Rich

    This also happened while Bad Religion was playing at the Warped Tour in ’07.

    Band and crowd went crazy!

  • Fabrice Colin

    This reminds me of footage I saw many years ago of a early Napalm Death gig where some punk wearing a full City-type business suit would repeatedly get on the stage, mosh like mad and dive. When I first saw ND live, I kept looking for a guy in a suit :-)

  • jaduncan

    For some reason I’m picturing a flattened front row after that…

  • Bolt Thrower

    Bolt Thrower are the Gods of War Death Metal!!!!!!!!!!