Winning Formula

I just want to say a big well done! to our friends in the Ubuntu Forums for bagging the Best Support Resource in the Linux Format awards in issue LXF115. The forums community managed to beat the mighty Google. Pretty impressive stuff!

All of us in the Ubuntu community are so proud of the excellent work that goes on in the Ubuntu Forums. 6.5million posts and counting, 745,000 members and growing…the forums are a hugely valuable resource for Ubuntu and the Ubuntu ethos. They provide an important home for many of our community members. Thank you to Forums Council, the moderators and all the posters for earning the award. :)

I am also hugely proud to see that Ubuntu won the Best Distribution Award and Canonical bagged the Best Enterprise Award. Props also to the KDE team for rightly deserving the Free Software Project Of The Year award for their incredible work on KDE4. :)

What a great start to the year. Lets make 2009 really kick it. :)

  • grgrgrmbl

    It’s ironic that most upstream developers consider the Ubuntu forums primarily a source of utter misinformation.

  • jaduncan

    “745,000 members”

    My. God. Quite the posse you have these days, Mr Bacon.

  • jono

    Heh, not exactly my posse, but quite an Ubuntu posse. :)

  • Sense Hofstede

    Great news indeed!! I use the Ubuntu Forums quite often, instead of Google. It gives you better answers and often also more up-to-date ones. Keep up the good work.

  • Vadim P.

    Keep in mind that on average, only 1k people are logged in, and 13k are not logged in.

    So 750,000 registered with 1k regularly logged in = think of how much is that for the non-logged in ones…

  • ethana2

    That’s good to hear.. Next time I have a question Google can’t answer me I’ll probably just go straight there instead of bothering with irc, for obvious reasons..

    I don’t suppose you could merge ubuntuforums and brainstorm right into launchpad as ubuntuforums is its own distinct organization, right?

  • jono

    Heh, I agree its less but just say the words “only 1000 are logged in” – thats still a lot of people! :)

  • Vadim P.

    Some other interesting numbers – assuming ubuntu’s install userbase is a million, then it is growing at 1.5k installs a day.

    I took this data from popcon (looked at how “dpkg”, one of the most installed packages, was progressing).

  • Ryan Troy

    Thanks for the recognition Jono. It’s truly a day for celebration, we’ve come along way in the last 4 years. We look forward to 2009. While were on the topic of forum bragging we also one “best community” from in 2005 :)


  • Zac

    Ubuntu – Kick ass in 2009!

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  • Tom

    Gratulations to Ubuntu and KDE. The perfect Linux Desktop for me.

  • Shannon VanWagner

    There are other distros out there that have pretty good forums but I have to agree that wins the prize for holding a wealth of helpful information and attracting experts de-plenty to help with any problem.

    The is one of the main reasons that I recommend Ubuntu to people that are new to GNU/Linux.

    Google search term(not like you really need to use it):

    put keywords here leads the way!! Nice Job!! Great Work!!!

    Shannon VanWagner GNU/Linux Enthusiast

  • Matthew Flaschen

    “Props also to the KDE team for rightly deserving the Free Software Project Of The Year award for their incredible work on KDE4. :)”

    They’re kidding, right. KDE is a wonderful software project, but KDE 4 certainly isn’t their finest moment.