Blurry Mystery...

Wednesday 14th January 2009 @

  • nixternal

    I know I haven’t had that damn much to drink tonight!

  • ethana2

    So this is like some kind of teaser or something, right?


    p> Could you disclose the /nature/ of the announcement, perhaps?

  • ethana2


    is a test..

  • ethana2

    WOOHOO! Normal formatting! Thanks, Jono!

  • /me

    Will announce that he is getting married. But not in California, because that type of marriage there has been repealed.

  • Ian McKellar

    you take terrible photos.

  • Sander

    I think it’s a community website of some sorts.

  • Ilan Rabinovitch

    In hopes of getting the rumor mill spinning:

    1) Launch of the new LoCo communty portal he mentioned on his blog a few weeks back. 2) Hes been invited to the White House to help Obama get Ubuntu installed. 3) LUGRadio is being resurrected and will be syndicated on the US radio waves by Clear Channel 4) Hes found his 4th horseman. RMS will use his polyglot skills to lead the Ubuntu Translations team. 5) They’ll be expanding the Global Bug Jab event in February to be an Interplanetary Bug Jab event, when the Astronauts and Cosmonauts on the International Space Station, contribute their 5 a day. 6) Theres no real announcement. Jono just wanted to test if I’d actually digg a blog post that has NOTHING in it.

  • Tobias

    Don’t shake the monitor, if you are taking screenshots.

  • Antonio Roberts

    The more I keep staring at this announcement the more it starts to look like a sailboat.

  • jaduncan

    Launchpad redesign?

  • mrben

    Heh. Jono in self-promoting teaser scandal! 😉

  • mattj

    LRL 2009?

  • jg

    Hopefully, he’ll announce that Ubuntu sucks, and everyone should use Debian instead.

  • Niels

    I’m already excited!

  • andylockran

    This is the announcement of MicroCommunity – jono’s new job @ MS to include the community more in the creation of Windows 7.

  • nixternal

    I wonder if it is a new brainstorm website redesign. Seems my QA servers are down this morning for a major update.

  • levelnext

    Dude, haven’t you ever heard that Shift+Ctrl+Super+Alt+PrintScreen = Take screenshot with auto-focus?

  • mmiicc

    New Ubuntu News website?

  • Sense Hofstede

    The dark-blue part of the title does look a bit like ‘community’. :O

  • jorge

    This is actually Severed Sixth, the new bluegrass sensation.

  • Sander

    Yeah, just sharpen it with the Gimp. It clearly says Community.

  • oliver

    The colors look like Github :-)

  • DeeJay1

    Well, I think that happens if you keep staring at the monitor for to long…

  • andylockran


    please put us out of our misery :(

  • Landon

    UbuntuForums redesign? Forums have been down for hours this morning…

  • Adam Petaccia

    New Ubuntu website?

  • Brian

    it can’t be Ubuntu related, it’s not orange or brown. D:

    the colours slightly remind me of the Gnome website.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  • Markus

    Tried to sharpen the image.. Didn’t come out very well:

    I think the blue blurb says “community”-something..

  • Kyran
  • Joshua

    Filthy astronauts…

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  • Sander

    Wow, nice job!

    And good luck Jono!

  • Mamarok

    Well, not many Konqueror users here as it seems… so now let’s guess: todays Nokia PR about Qt being relicensed under LGPL? Kubuntu ppa repo featuring KDE 4.2 RC1? Or just Jono announcing his new book :)

  • wyrless2002

    If you crank up Enslaved by Pain to 130 db and head bang appropriately the image becomes very clear.

    You have to put yourself in the authors shoes sometimes to understand his muse.

    Great work J.B.!

  • Stefano F. (tacone)

    What were you doing with the free hand ?

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