Joining The Revolution

Just to let you folks know, I have signed up for with the username jonobacon. I am posting to both and Twitter using the glorious Gwibber, originally from my friend and yours, Ryan Paul.

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  • ethana2

    Why not just use pidgin?

  • nixternal

    You have been on it for all of 10 minutes and already have more activity than I do :p I find myself getting bored of microblogging and finding it useless for about 99% of the time, that 1% is when I am on the train from the city after a night of mass booze. Or when I partake in a dance off to let everyone know I was cheated yet again :)

  • jaduncan

    Cool, it’s nice to see things become freer. I’d change the ‘Twitter Updates’ title on the side if the aim is to promote the free option though.

  • JoshPanter

    @ethana2: I have been using the mb-purple plugin for pidgin, it causes pidgin to crash periodically, do you have a stable plugin to use? I would really dig it…

  • Dirks Logbuch…

    Ja, ich bin ein widersprüchlicher Geist. Ja, der Dienst ist fremdgehostet. Ja, ich habe es doch getan.

    (Lasst mich bitte am Leben).

    Auslöser war dieses Posting unseres Community Managers und die Lizenz….

  • Fab

    Yes! Finally! Freedom at last! Going to subscribe you right now. 😀

  • John Drinkwater supports XMPP (like Twitter used to), so you don’t need any plug–ins, just add the bot to your roster.

  • Jeff Parsons

    Or you could post solely to through Gwibber/some XMPP client, and have then forward all posts to Twitter. That way all your new tweets show up as “from Identica”. Deliciously wicked! 😉

  • Fab

    @Jeff: Yeah, that’s what I do. Works great. In realtime, too. 😀

  • Dan

    Like Fab I also post to Twitter via and forward it. Gotta support the AGPL! :) I like Gwibber though, great little tool. Nice one for joining the light side Jono. Subscribing now. If anyone wants to find me on Identica it’s

  • Rob Enderle

    Wait, Aq is this anorexic slightly femme bald dude or the pudgy bearded one?

    And if youre gonna go on a trip to memory lane, then take a look at this hairy lad:

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