Friday Free Culture Fun

I just wanted to let everyone know that Friday is the deadline for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase!

If you want a shot at getting you music, video or imagery installed and enjoyed on millions of Ubuntu desktops all around the world, now is the time. Head over and join in the competition!

  • Tom

    No comments? :(

    I think the UFCS is awesome.

    And I just got a great idea when I was watching the newly added demoscene video from LUGradio Live UK 08.

    How about adding a demo category? You could make it a 4K or 64K, so it won’t mess with the CD space.

    I am really sad the demoscene is so underrepresented in the Linux/Ubuntu community. I know in the UK and the US people generally don’t care. But it is really big in continental europe. And they just have the greatest coders (kernel hacker quality).

    Maybe the Ubuntu community could get in touch with the big demo parties like and try to get a linux demo category or just a just giving the winner linux demo a place on all those Ubuntu ISOs/CDs (The demo would have to be open source of course, but I don’t think that would be a real problem). It would be free and might bring the demo scene and Ubuntu closer together.

    I think that would be great. (And I will keep harassing people ;P )

  • Tom

    PS. Maybe asking Matthew “dotwaffle” Walster to do all the heavy lifting would be a good idea 😉 Because he seems to know the demo scene.