Teesdale Conservation Volunteers

I wanted to post something a little different from the norm:

(can’t see the vid? go here)

My brother is the guy behind Teesdale Conservation Volunteers and they perform a tonne of different rural activities such as charcoal burning, woodland development, training and even organise a woodland festival. I am hugely proud of him and his family: they are good eggs.

In this vid he teaches how to do charcoal burning. Also, a minute in you can also see my other brother, Simon. :)

Good work, Bacon bros!

  • http://oasis-games.com Kevin Lange

    It would make my life complete if you could get me a video of a Bacon making bacon.

  • Gareth J. Greenaway

    Is it true that you and your brothers go to the concerts of Kevin Bacon and his brothers, yelling out things about being the “Real Bacon Brothers” and throwing bacon on stage? I heard that somewhere from someone sometime.

  • http://blog.nixternal.com nixternal

    Oh come on dude! You talk trash about my dancing!!! You need to let me teach the intro and outro dancer there a few tricks!

  • cagey

    Well, you certainly know what you’re going to look like in a decade or so!

  • craig priestley

    Hi its nice to see martin still doing waht he loves. Keep doing the good work. GOOD LUCK