Keeping Things In Perspective

Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of all the bickering over version control in the GNOME community? I was under the impression that GNOME is people, not GNOME is people (who argue over which way you skin a cat).

Version control is important, and it is important for us to have the debate, but it worries me when some of the commentary gets overly sarcastic, personal and flamey. Lets not let the debate compromise our relationships.

  • Dylan McCall

    I find it unfortunate how a lot of people (in this case a lot is any number greater than one) are assuming that distributed version control is bad just because they have had trouble with one system like git, too. Distributed VCS is a completely natural evolution of centralized VCS, and it is perfectly suited to free software. For upstreams and downstreams to collaborate happily (eg: to eradicate the bizarre patching systems we see in, for example, Debian) we need these types of systems. We have always needed them.

    There’s nothing to be afraid of :)

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Yet again, thanks for bringing the bacon sir jono.

  • Gitorious

    Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of all the bickering over version control in the GNOME community?

    Not really! We would have been long over with the debate and would have moved to git like all other free software projects if it wasn’t to a particular company that is trying to sell it’s own VCS that can hardly compete with git.

  • jono

    Hah, right. OK, so its obviously all the fault of Canonical. Gotcha. That explains it then.

  • agentk

    I personally use both git and bzr. And am still far from a position where I can argue for or against either. They both do excellent jobs for me.

    Maybe the issue is more one of critical mass. That usage of DVCS’s are not an issue anymore. It’s that fact that the two main DVCS’ are both fairly equal leaders in the field and they are both like north aligned magnets. Try and force one on top of the other and you generate repulsion.

    When the number of cars on the road reaches a statistical line you are going to get road rage. More so if their are only two types of cars.

  • Neo

    You cannnot deny that Canonical tried to stall the migration to git and it is some of the Canonical employees and Ubuntu fans who are being very loud about how git is bad. These are supposed to be strong open source developers who understand that they can bring the issues to the git development list and solve their problems more constructively instead. So I would agree in part with the above poster.

  • Jeff Schroeder

    Like you jono it baffles me why so many people including scott git their panties in a wad.

    Both bzr and git are huge advances over svn which is an advance over cvs which is an advance over rcs. Both are doing a great job distributing dvcs workflow. If people could realize this and quit bickering they could get back to software that “just kicks ass TM”. Ya know like that Jokosher project 😉

  • Zac

    Thanks Jono.

  • Vadim P.

    I don’t see this getting solved anytime soon. Git is horrible for people who don’t want to waste time scouring the intrawebs for git commands – thankfully the git guru’s did produce some more pages for google on how to setup a repository.

    Nevermind that hashing the revision numbers is simply uncomfortable. Sorry, but every dvcs but git is for me. I like things that are designed for me, not a machine.

  • Stoffe

    Well it’s shiny but complex power tool versus easy and inviting. Sadly, many of the developers are (elitist?) advanced users that are easily blinded by shiny. Many of us who are not developers or far into the community wants a low barrier of entry. It’s either that, or Gnome will have to be honest and state that they don’t really want new contributors.

  • Borealis

    Everyone of you can use Git. Yes, I mean you too. Your fellow developers will write clear instructions how to develop and contribute to Gnome. They will help you if you have problems. You don’t need to be ashamed of being a non-technical person. You just need to leave (possible) stubborn attitudes and Bzr propaganda out of the way. That’s all.

  • But…

    I’m not tired of it… as long as the bickering is going on, GNOME isn’t moving away from SVN, which means I stand a chance of continuing to get some work done.

  • Vadim P.

    @Borealis: When those instructions come, it might be different. If one doesn’t get frustrated from feeling stupid at having to look at the instructions every time because the magic terminal words are damn hard to remember.

  • Borealis

    Here is an Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows:

    Even though the title says “Windows” the guide talks mostly about “git gui” which is exactly the same on Linux.