Stick To ‘Em

This weekend I am heading over to Los Angeles for SCALE. In addition to speaking, attending the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam and generally catching up with people, I plan on hunting out some stickers to cover this bad boy with:

Some of you will be familiar with how utterly plastered my previous laptop was. Now that the poor blighter has been decommissioned, I need to claw back some laptop credibility and get this fella up to par. If any of you are going to SCALE and have some cool stickers you want to lob in my general direction, that would be wonderful! :)

  • ethana2

    There is one sticker on a visible area of my laptop.

    ..It’s a black Ubuntu domed sticker right over the Dell logo on the back of the black laptop lid, positioned and oriented perfectly– because, like I tell Dell every time I try to be removed from their marketing email list, Ubuntu is the only reason I even considered buying this machine in the first place. I don’t like people looking at the back of my laptop and assuming I’m running Windows; the domed sticker seemed the best way to accomplish that.

  • ethana2

    (without coming off as an oddball)

  • Eitan

    Excuse my dorkness, but is that a T400? I have one, it is nice.

  • jono

    It is indeed. Well spotted. :)

  • mattj

    No Ubuntu sticker?

  • Sam Weston

    I think I may have overdone it with mine…it’s a Dell XPS M1330 if you care. I definitely want to get some linux and more tech stickers on it though.

  • Tony Yarusso

    My dad’s laptops are all covered in a single graphic. There’s a firm that will take any image (photograph, design, whatever) and convert it into a big high-quality sticker for your laptop lid. Not the same sort of cluttered geek appeal, but they are pretty nifty.

  • Russ

    I’m so confused. What kind of ARMS? I don’t want to hug adjustable rate mortgages. I would like to hug ARM processors, but the laptop sadly looks like an x86. I’ll give a good quality firearm a hug. Or is it just as simple as human arms?

  • aguaufuertes

    Love the “Arms” sticker, although I did not make a in-depth analysis like Russ 😛

  • George Wright

    We have RAd stickers now :)

    Shall we send some to you via Canonical?

  • mattj

    I did the same thing on my old X40, except I did it myself with some very expensive inkjet vinyl(I think it was expensive as I bought A4 sheets, If I had a great big roll it would be more reasonable). It wasn’t the tidiest result, but a bit more patience would work wonders.

  • Michael @ QuinnCo

    I have no stickers, but QuinnCo does have a booth at Scale. We’re the between OReilly and Debian booths, stop by and see us. We’ll be demonstrating Qimo.

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