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A few days ago the rather excellent MOTU Council had their first IRC meeting devoted to MOTU applications. This was one of the measures put in place to streamline how people become developers. I just wanted to say a big congratulations! to Didier Roche, Christophe Sauthier, Iain Lane and Alessio Treglia for being approved as […]

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The Docs Were Indeed Rocked

Well, today was the LoCo Docs Day in which the Ubuntu LoCo Community came together to work on, expand and otherwise improve the LoCo Documentation. I am really pleased with how much everyone chipped in and we can wake up tomorrow knowing that our documentation is going to service our awesome LoCo community that little […]

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Ubuntu LoCo Team Meeting Scheduled

Just a quick to ask you lovely people to put the date of the 28th Feb 2009 in your diary. At 6pm UTC we are organising an Ubuntu LoCo Community meeting. You can find out more details on the meeting page. The meeting will take place in #ubuntu-locoteams on Freenode. Everyone is welcome. We are […]

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Rock The Docs

Well, the LoCo Docs Day is almost upon us: Thu 12th Feb. The aim of the day is for our community to work together to improve our LoCo team documentation which is here. Getting involved is simple: Head over to here and take a look at the documentation there, read through it and expand and […]

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Teesdale Conservation Volunteers

I wanted to post something a little different from the norm: (can’t see the vid? go here) My brother is the guy behind Teesdale Conservation Volunteers and they perform a tonne of different rural activities such as charcoal burning, woodland development, training and even organise a woodland festival. I am hugely proud of him and […]

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Friday Free Culture Fun

I just wanted to let everyone know that Friday is the deadline for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase! If you want a shot at getting you music, video or imagery installed and enjoyed on millions of Ubuntu desktops all around the world, now is the time. Head over and join in the competition!

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Ubuntu Forums. Yes Indeed.

Wow, I just went to the Ubuntu Forums and saw this: Currently Active Users: 14275 (967 members and 13308 guests): jonobacon, 0bsidian, 11010110, 1oki, 2CV67, 4JOKE4, 5nak3, 80aless, Aaron44126, Aat, ABCC, abcent, abelthorne, abrazafi, AbstractZero, Ace902, acidboot3r, Adam N, Adulu, aegnor, Aeph, aethralis, agim, Agoranomos, aidan.whitehouse, Aiena, aj5string, ajcham, ajgreeny, ajut, ajy0852, akamaleldin, akeem, alanmccutchen, […]

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Rock The Docs: The Ubuntu LoCo Docs Day

(thanks to Efrain for the rather cool term ‘Rock The Docs’) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am pleased to announce that on the 12th Feb we are going to have a LoCo Docs Day! I know, its pretty darn exciting. Now, some of you may be wondering what exactly this LoCo Docs Day […]

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Ubuntu LoCo Teams: One Big Family

I have a quick trivia question for you all. What is this list below? ubuntu-ae ubuntu-af ubuntu-ar ubuntu-at ubuntu-au ubuntu-au-wa ubuntu-az ubuntu-ba ubuntu-bd ubuntu-be ubuntu-bg ubuntu-bo ubuntu-br ubuntu-ca ubuntu-ch ubuntu-cl ubuntu-cm ubuntu-co ubuntu-cr ubuntu-cu ubuntu-cy ubuntu-de ubuntu-dk ubuntu-do ubuntu-dz ubuntu-ec ubuntu-ee ubuntu-eg ubuntu-es ubuntu-es-es ubuntu-et ubuntu-fi ubuntu-fr ubuntu-ge ubuntu-gr ubuntu-gt ubuntu-hn ubuntu-hu ubuntu-id ubuntu-ie ubuntu-il […]

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Back In The Saddle

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you all know that after my week on holiday writing I am now back at work, business as usual. Obviously today will be spent largely catching up with some of the email that I didn’t get chance to reply to while on holiday. Oh, and before I […]

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