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The Fourth Horseman Steps Forward

Ladies and Gents, I am tickled pink to announce the latest horseman to join my team at Canonical. His name is David Planella and he will be our new Ubuntu Translations Coordinator. He will join Daniel Holbach and Jorge Castro on the team. David has a strong background in translations and development. He is an […]

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Painting The Community Manager

Recently the tubes have been ablaze with chatter of where the somewhat popular topic of community management should fit into an organisation. When the coin is flipped, said chatterers have been debating whether to place their bets on either Marketing and Engineering as an apt destination for the reporting line. Do we expect our community […]

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Ubuntu Members Get Free LWN Subs

Good news, friends. From today Canonical is contributing a new benefit to Ubuntu Membership: a complimentary subscription to the rather glorious Linux Weekly News. Our friends in Debian have been doing this for a while, and we thought this could be an excellent gesture too. To enjoy this benefit you need to be a member […]

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Ubuntu 9.04 Free Culture Showcase Winners!

Ladies and Gents, I am pleased to announce the results of the Ubuntu 9.04 Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. This is the competition in which creative types can submit their work for inclusion in the Examples/ folder of the next edition of Ubuntu. In this competition we expanded the Audio and Video categories to also include […]

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The Big Ubuntu Brainstorm Braindump

One of the facilities that has been hugely popular in the Ubuntu community has been Ubuntu Brainstorm. With Brainstorm you can register ideas and features for the Ubuntu project and others can vote those ideas up or down. There are also tools in Brainstorm to indicate potential solutions or notes around the idea. Brainstorm has […]

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Working like an animal right now, hence little in the way of blogging. I am microblogging where I can though on my Twitter and my feeds (using the excellent Gwibber). Some real quick links before I get back to the grind-stone: I recently did two interviews, one with OSTATIC and one with LinuxQuestions. Now […]

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UDS Karmic Sponsorship Closes Soon!

Everyone, just a really quick reminder that if you want to get sponsorship to the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Barcelona from the 25th – 29th May 2009, you need to get your sponsorship request filed in the next few days – the deadline is Wed 4th March 2009! All the deliciously juicy details are right […]

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LoCo Directory Moves Forward

At UDS we talked about the concept of a LoCo Directory: a database with all of the LoCo Teams that we currently have listed here. Well, we have been moving forward with the design and the always awesome Rich Johnson has been doing the development. The project is still just kicking off, but a few […]

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