Working like an animal right now, hence little in the way of blogging. I am microblogging where I can though on my Twitter and my identi.ca feeds (using the excellent Gwibber).

Some real quick links before I get back to the grind-stone:

  • I recently did two interviews, one with OSTATIC and one with LinuxQuestions.
  • Now is the time to start getting your Jaunty Release Party organized! See the current list of parties here and find out how to organize your own here!
  • UDS Sponsorship results will be forthcoming over the next week or so.
  • I will be participating in a panel at the Linux Collaboration Summit from the 8th – 10th April.

And quick thoughts:

  • Snow-mobiling is incredible fun. Tahoe is beautiful.
  • I am back in England and in London from the 19th – 25th April. Fancy meeting up?
  • Jaunty is rocking. Upgrade and report bugs!
  • Brainstorm report to focus ideas around Karmic is coming. Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase results are coming!
  • Matthew Garrett

    But of course, my little friend with the receeding hairline.

  • TGM

    While you’re in London, you should definitely check out the Crobar in Manette street (by Foyles in Charing Cross Road) And the Intrepid Fox, which is behind Centrepoint now (also on Charing Cross Road). That’s if you didn’t know of these Rock/Metal bars already…

    Then there’s always the Barfly in New Oxford Street too, all near Tottenham Court Road station :)


  • http://www.wellsted.org.uk Ron Wellsted

    Hopefully you can find some time to visit us in Wolverhampton, the well known centre of the Universe!