Interviewed on FLOSSWeekly

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of doing an interview on the rather excellent FLOSSWeekly podcast with Leo Laporte and Randal Schwartz. On it I talk Community, Ubuntu, Art Of Community, Canonical, Severed Fifth and more. Check it out here.

  • Interviewed on FLOSSWeekly | Art Of Community Online

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  • Fab

    You represented yourself and Ubuntu rather well. I enjoyed it a lot! I think the TWiT empire actually benefitted from somebody who has a bit of a more casual style being on. Seemed to stir Leo and Randall up a bit. Also congrats on being bleeped out there! 😀

  • Drunky

    Speaking of Severed Fifth, what’s the status of it since you moved to the U.S.? It seems a wee bit slow lately at the website proper.

    Also, I sent an email to you at about a music project (unfortunately I forgot to mention I would be only free open source software and Ubuntu Studio in particular) and I was wondering if you had considered my request.

  • Randal L. Schwartz

    Yes, that was a fun show to do, and yes, I think you’re the first person to have gotten bleeped on FLOSS Weekly, so congrats.

    Now, time to start scheduling FLOSSing with Bacon. :)

  • Raseel

    What a fun show. But I think you guys spoke far too less about the Ubuntu community than you should have. It seemed like a generic talk on developing communities.

  • Randal L. Schwartz

    Yes… the show wasn’t so much about the Ubuntu community in particular, but more about giving equal time to all of Jono’s activities. Don’t worry, there’s more where this came from. :)