Community Leadership Summit Update

A while back I announced the Community Leadership Summit 2009 in San Jose on the 18th and 19th July 2009. Well, I think it is time for lil’ update on what is shaping up to be a rocking event.

The aim of the summit is get community managers, leaders and organizers together to discuss, debate and share ideas on building great community in a vendor-neutral environment. The event is entirely free (although I ask everyone to go and register and it takes place the weekend immediately before OSCON, in the same venue: the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Details of how to get there are here.

Since I announced the event, the response has been stunning and over 150 people have registered with a fantastic and diverse range of contributors signed up to attend. You can see this awesome list of attendees here.

The the aim and purpose of the event to provide an open, transparent and vendor-neutral environment for discussion, and I have been really keen to make sure this is an unconference (an event in which an empty schedule is available at the start of the event, and attendees can go and add topics). The reason for this is to ensure the sessions are as diverse as possible and not merely what I think we should discuss. The openness of the scheduling means that anyone can add a session that they think would be of interest to the other attendees.

If you are coming along and interested in running a session, feel free to discuss it on this wiki page with the other attendees: you may find some other people who would like to help with the session. Speaking of the wiki, we also have rideshare, roomshare and other pages springing up to make attending the event as easy and enjoyable as possible.

I have another update on the event half-penned, but I will send that over in the coming week. Stay tuned, and go and register! I hope to see you there!

  • Rich Reader (WOM-buzz)

    I am the Collective Intelligence ambassador for the Program for the Future Global Design Challenge

    We have been working with rapid aggregation methods for participant opinions about proposals emanating from small discussion groups in open space settings. Our initial finding is that the remote control-oriented technology accelerates the iterative cycles of discovery, valuation, and innovation when the opinions of the general audience can quickly be captured in intervening plenary discussion and election sections. I’d like to discuss how this methodology could be made beneficial and available to the Community Leadership Summit.

    Note that we are preparing to roll out these methods at several more unconferences this year.

    kind regards,

    Rich Reader

  • jono

    Rich – thanks for getting in touch! Your input would be awesome at the CLS. A great place to begin sharing your ideas is at

    Look forward to seeing you there! :-)