Launchpad is now Open Source

I just want to offer my congratulations to the Launchpad team for their excellent efforts in Open Sourcing the whole project. I would also encourage everyone to pass on their thanks to Mark Shuttleworth for this incredible gift to the Open Source community. Ultimately he made the final decision on this move and I personally want to thank him for an incredible contribution to Free Software and collaborative software development.

But now the real work begins. Having the code available on the Internet is merely one tiny piece of the puzzle: we now need to build a strong and thriving community around Launchpad. To kick things off I encourage everyone to join the #launchpad-dev IRC channel on Freenode, to go and grab the code and to keep your beady eyes on the Launchpad development wiki.





  • Ali Servet Donmez

    HURRAY… Especially for Rosetta, which is unique in its league, and now it’s free!

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  • jaduncan

    Finally! Congratulations to everyone, and I know this has to mean less community dissatisfaction for you, Jono. Here’s to things working out as they should.

  • Zac

    Here, here!

  • Ben Asselstine

    Congratulations to Ubuntu for putting freedom first, and choosing the AGPL for launchpad!

  • Kevin Cole

    Now I wish I could remember who complained to me about it not being open source, so that I could let them know about the change… My mind’s a sieve.