Old Face Rubbish. New Face Required.

Now for a matter of national security. I got an email today saying:

As I read your blog posts on planet.gnome.org, my view of your words is colored by your angry faced hackergotchi. I would love to see the happier side of the Ubuntu Community Manager.

I am a pretty happy fella, but you know what, that hackergotchi is indeed a little angry. Would any of you creative types be interested in having a go at creating a new hackergotchi for me?

If so, feel free to link to your hackergotchi in the comments. Thanks!

  • http://identi.ca/notice/7891809 Jono Bacon (jonobacon) ‘s status on Monday, 10-Aug-09 23:24:05 UTC – Identi.ca
  • http://sionide.net/ Simon

    Maybe someone can do something with http://sionide.net/_/jono.jpg ??

  • http://grahambinns.com gmb

    This might be a good basis for a hackergotchi. I tried to make it into one but screwed it up and can’t be bothered to try again at this late hour.

  • jono

    Nice picture but…erm…I look like more of a dork than I normally do. :-)

  • http://www.jkeyes0.com Jordan Keyes
  • onox

    Angry face? It’s more like he was smelling some poo (or a very old version of ubuntu 😉

  • http://www.nixternal.com nixternal
  • peder

    I for one love your hackergotchi 😀

  • http://v3.sk/~lkundrak/ Lubomir Rintel
  • Travis

    What’s wrong with the one on Planet Ubuntu?


  • Brett

    How about a rainbow? That’s happy, isn’t it?

    Seriously though, eww to a ‘hackergotchi’. That’s what us creative types say.

  • jono

    Hah! Awesome. :-)

  • jono

    You need to forget. I was young, stupid, and full of Whitecastle. We need to move on, Rich. We can never bring back those tender moments.

  • http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com Mackenzie
  • http://abock.org Aaron Bockover

    Okay, I insist you use this: http://banshee-project.org/~abock/jono.png

    I think it’s fair dude. I once smacked a gong for well over an hour without pants on.

    Also, your beard is still in my desk.

  • http://grillbar.org Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen

    I was just about to give it a shot myself, but I realise that there is no way I can beat Aaron’s proposal. Hilarity – in some Doctor Evil kinda way!

  • http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/ nicu

    I would say: keep the angry face. It screams “Death Metal!!!”

  • Dennis

    What about this: http://www.cornify.com/corn/9957 Too much? Too nice?

  • Gary van der Merwe
  • Adilson Oliveira

    C’mon, if mdz did it you can do it!

  • http://www.theopensourcerer.com The Open Sourcerer

    Here you go :-)


    This is definitely not miserable.

  • Tom Mann

    @Gary van der Merwe – Brilliant! Though I think you should use Charlie the Unicorn instead – or would everyone think J is missing a kidney?

  • http://grahambinns.com gmb

    I have that on a T-shirt. As many people who were at UDS Prague can attest.

  • jb