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Ubuntu In Your Language

One of the most wonderful, and oftern underrated parts of the Ubuntu community are our tremendous translators. It is these awesome individuals that re-enforce the ethos that everyone should be able to enjoy Ubuntu in the locale and language that is comfortable to them. Not only that, but it is these folks that are breaking […]

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Changing The Conversation

I am tired of seemingly only ever reading about the topic of women in Open Source within the context of a conflict scenario which typically spawns a spat over whether specific behaviour is deemed offensive or not. It feels like the topic has become very one-dimensional. I am more interested in talking about the awesome, […]

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Davey And Hull LUG Rock Da House: Video Style

A few days back I launched the The Art of Community Comedy Photo Comp and saw this incredible (video) example posted to YouTube: Can’t see the vid? Click here Awesome work, Davey and Hull LUG! I was chuckling all the way through it, and yes, this absolutely counts in the competition! Think you can do […]

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Rocking Out: Plastic Guitar Style

When I created my Amazon Wishlist a few weeks back ready for my birthday, I, like any opportunistic cad, added a bunch of different items on there, some of which I never expected a hope in hell to receive. Well, today I had a coffee catch-up planned with my pal and Firefox / Python-testing super-hero […]

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The Art of Community Comedy Photo Comp

Since I released The Art of Community, one thing has become evident: the people who are buying it are awesome. If you have bought it you are awesome. If you have not, you too can be awesome. This got my mind thinking. We should put a face to the names of these awesome people. Credit […]

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Ubuntu User

Do you know Rikki Kite? No? Well, she is one of the epic rockstars behind Ubuntu User, a magazine devoted to Ubuntu and the incredible community that surrounds it. Ubuntu User is the first print magazine created for Ubuntu users and the current issue includes: Our exclusive interview with Mark Shuttleworth My community column Audio […]

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Announcing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: The Lucid Lynx

With Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 now out the door and momentum building towards a rocking Karmic Koala release, it is time to name and share the direction and focus for the next step in the Ubuntu evolution that follows Karmic. To do this I want to pass on some words from Mark Shuttleworth, the founder […]

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The Art of Community Available For Free Download

When I started work on The Art of Community I was really keen that it should be a body of work that all communities have access to. My passion behind the book was to provide a solid guide to building, energizing and enabling pro-active, productive and enjoyable communities. I wanted to write a book that […]

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30 Years Young

Today I turn 30. It seems everyone has an opinion about what happens when you turn 30. Sharing my news of the imminent event with friends would usually result in sarky mutterings of “it’s all downhill from here, boyo“, and affirmations that hangovers feel worse, bones ache more, you get tired quicker and find yourself […]

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Even When Things Go Wrong, Life Is Awesome

A few days ago I started getting sick. This sucks for two reasons. Firstly, I hate being sick. Secondly I hit the big 3-0 tomorrow and I don’t want to be ill on my birthday. I have been assured my many a wise onlooker that “being sick on your birthday is the ‘worst thing ever’“. […]

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