Changing The World

We saw this when we walked into a Peet’s Coffee in Livermore today. :-)

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  • DKcross

    Amazing… we are working, we are changing the world :)

  • http://Youcanneverbetoyoungoroldtostart. Sander

    Start um young. Or turn um when they’re older and have a bad habbit. Like my dad who started using a computer about 5 years ago and he is a real user(he’s not very tech savy to say the least). He of course used windows, because that is what came with the computer. I tried to change him a couple of times, but he was used to the software. And other people deterred him. Now however he bought a laptop and he installed Ubuntu 8.10 on it from a CD I gave him. How cool is that and I am sure he would get very far with Windows. And he doesn’t have to install other the other software, because most is installed already. Only thing was wireless didn’t work. So I fixed that and installed version 9.04. Now I can support him and be happy doing it.

  • Fab

    How cute is that! Get ’em young, eh? 😀

  • bigbrovar


  • redbrain

    Thats awesome! 😀

  • Alvin Ng

    So happy to see youngsters are getting used to ubuntu. Makes me feel like an old man! hahha!!

    But anyway, still love ubuntu the best! Keep it up guys!

  • andrewthegreat

    hoooowww cute. . . hehehehe. . . bet she will be one of the developers of future distro’s of ubuntu. . .

  • Nicolas BONNICI

    Linux youth! :)

  • Stefan

    OK, I see, Children in the USA are eating the same as in Germany: Noodles without everything. 😉

  • nizarus

    Very nice :)

  • maq


  • Stacey Boyer

    AWESOME! I’d buy them a coffee! :) Thanks for this post..

  • Scott`

    That’s just too cute, she sure looks eager to get working! If I could just switch my work.. I have em using Linux servers but they wont go any further then that.. for now!!!

  • Efrain Valles

    No words to describe how great it feels to see a child behind an Ubuntu box or laptop

  • ethana2

    I spent like a couple minutes orientieng my domed sticker perfectly, looks like they just slapped theirs on.

    Oh well.

  • Adam Gonnerman


  • Arkadi

    Beautiful !

  • nasrullah

    The future leader of Ubuntu……..

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  • Dylan

    I don’t think her arms are long enough to reach it.

  • Marco

    Probably GCompris, innit? My son loved it :-)

    Cheers mate

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  • 小权

    smart :)

  • But…

    Yeah, I hate it when you go somewhere nice to eat and the place is full of kids, too…

  • Jc

    wow…Ubuntu is very powerful for me..nice…i loved it

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  • Prageeth

    Wooooow! Effort is appreciated to begin a good move ahead!!