30 Years Young

Today I turn 30.

It seems everyone has an opinion about what happens when you turn 30. Sharing my news of the imminent event with friends would usually result in sarky mutterings of “it’s all downhill from here, boyo“, and affirmations that hangovers feel worse, bones ache more, you get tired quicker and find yourself shouting at kids to get off your lawn. Bob Hope seemed to sum up this cornucopia of codgerly cantankerousness with “middle age is when you still believe you’ll feel better in the morning“. Bugger, that doesn’t sound very inspiring.

Well, screw that.

Don’t get me wrong: I am comfortable with the opportunities and limitations before me. I realize that it is unlikely that I am going to headline Wacken any time soon, I am probably not going to be as fast a drummer as I could, and I am going to have to shelve that plan for an 80’s perm.

But y’know what, life hasn’t changed that much. I still love my wife, family and friends. I love free software, metal, partying, working on interesting projects, having new experiences and supping coffee. I am still a sucker for wikipedia, dogs, PS3 and random trivia, and I still say community too much.

For all the perceived downsides of hitting the big three-oh, there are up-sides though. A little while back I was having a good ‘ol chinwag with Terri Molini from Sun and I shared with her how my perspectives have changed in recent years. I have been re-assessing old assumptions and looking at them from a new perspective, throwing away old expectations and ideas and approaching them from a new angle based on new experiences. When I shared this she said “how old are you?“, to which I responded “30 in a few months“, and she said “yep, that pretty much happens at your age“.

She ain’t wrong. In the last year I have felt a renewed sense of perspective in approaching my work and other aspects of my life, and this has helped me to understand the phases we go through as we get older and how we respond and react to things. I suspect…this is what happens when we grow up.

So, as I hit 30 I am entering middle-age actually a little excited.

Before I wrap up, I want to thank those of you who have generously bought me something from my Amazon Wishlist. I have received Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium DVD and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher’s Edition: A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction by Jon Stewart – thanks so much, folks, I really appreciate your generosity!

Right, I am going to tell those bloody kids to get off my lawn…

  • TGM

    Happy birthday!

  • http://http//janneinosaka.blogspot.com Janne

    Hm, 30. It’s only middle age and reevaluation of your life if you make it so. I turned 40 earlier this year and I still have no clue what I’m going to do once I grow up.

  • nicolas

    Happy Birthday. Don’t get too hanged up on that [number] – 0 meme. I had my Big 5 – 0 two years ago. And you know what? Life is GOOOODDD! Just keep on breathin’

  • http://10people.co.uk YaManicKill

    Happy birthday Jono. See, if it weren’t for community, you wouldn’t have comments saying happy birthday πŸ˜›

  • http://www.tmm.cx Hein-Pieter van Braam

    Congratulations mr. Bacon! May the source be forever with you πŸ˜‰

    And see you at LRL09! :)

  • Steve Pearce

    Happy Birthday!

  • Philip

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to club middle-age. :)

  • Martin

    Happy BDay mate!

    Enjoy that Queen DVD – I have the same concert on CD and it rocks!

  • http://www.winux.fr Mirsal Ennaime

    Happy birthday !

  • https://launchpad.net/~nhandler Nathan Handler

    Happy Birthday Jono!

  • http://coreythompson.com MrCorey

    Who says that you have to grow up? πŸ˜‰

  • Jimbo

    “So, as I hit 30 I am entering middle-age actually a little excited.”

    Jono, I know you are into metal and thus probably plan to live fast and die young… but do you honestly think you will be dead at 60? How can 30 be considered middle aged otherwise?

    Being middle aged doesn’t start until your 40s, when surprise surprise it is approximately the middle of a typical life span.

    I think you are jumping the gun to suggest you are now middle aged. There’s plenty more life in your let before you start your midlife crisis.

  • http://www.mikesplanet.net Mike Basinger

    30 years old, your just a pup. Congratulation sir (you will get that sir crap a lot now).

  • http://matthewhelmke.net matthew

    Congrats! I’m on the other end of my 30s at 39. This has easily been the best decade of my life (so far). Don’t fear the 30s, you’re going to have a great time!

  • http://nousessence.com JoshPanter

    Happy B-Day, Jono!

  • Alejandro Moreno

    I turned 30 this past April, and I totally know where you’re coming from!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Christian

    Well, from comparing the look of your hackergotchis (I’m reading this on the planets), you look much happier at 30 than you looked during your 20’s. So 30 can’t be all that bad. :-)

    Happy birthday!

  • http://bergie.iki.fi/ Henri Bergius

    Happy birthday!

    As it happens, I’m seven days older than you :-)

  • http://tonywhitmore.co.uk Tony Whitmore

    Welcome to the club, mate. Hope to see you soon.

    Oh, well, October at any rate. :)

  • http://eurion.net RainCT

    Happy birthday!

  • http://mneptok.com Kurt von Finck

    Many happy returns of the day!

    As you celebrate, keep this gem in mind. πŸ˜‰

  • http://www.pageonepr.com Jennifer Cloer

    Happy Birthday, Jono. Love the blog post. I turned 30 four years ago and agree with your assessment. Not a lot has changed but getting new perspective is a welcome addition. Have fun!

  • http://www.leenukes.co.uk LeeNukes aka Landstalker

    You should have also received a Borat DVD, I bloody hope you only got the one, don’t know how it works really. Mine was gift wrapped anyway.

    That’s Nice! (In Borat stylie)

  • Ernest Rogers

    Congrats on reaching 30. I remembered how that was 17 years ago. As fast as you are going though, I don’t think you will notice the top of the hill. Cheers.

  • http://andregondim.eti.br André Gondim

    Happy b-day.


  • http://www.kungfoocode.org Anton

    Congratz Jono! Have a good one. :)

  • seb

    Happy Birthday Jono,

    I will turn 30 next year.

    I see it as having 29 years of experience to enjoy life and family.

  • http://CapturedTech.com Steve

    30 is nothing. At the time it seems like a big deal but next you thing you know you’re 35 with another child in the house.

  • Micke Karlsson

    You are 3 days older than me! Happy Birthday to both of us πŸ˜‰

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  • Ali

    30 is perfect time to enjoy you do not have to leave your 20s habit in 30s.20s we do not have job or we just started in 30s we are getting money and it is time for we 30s.30s is the meture period and understand the world and experience fully.you are not 40s or 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s or 90 s .:)))

  • Arun

    I am an indian in my 30s unmarried and have not had sex with any girl do you think is it ok?i just turned 30 yesterday