Ubuntu User

Do you know Rikki Kite? No? Well, she is one of the epic rockstars behind Ubuntu User, a magazine devoted to Ubuntu and the incredible community that surrounds it. Ubuntu User is the first print magazine created for Ubuntu users and the current issue includes:

  • Our exclusive interview with Mark Shuttleworth
  • My community column
  • Audio expert Dave Philips’ description for setting up an Ubuntu recording studio
  • Forum diva Mike Basinger’s answers to Ubuntu users’ questions

There are also nuggets of goodness about Eucalyptus, graphics tools Krita & Karbon, Scribus, Ikiwiki, Mnemosyne and Anki, Conduit and more. Finally, stuck firmly to the side of the mag is a DVD including the Ubuntu Live CD, Kubuntu Live CD, Xubuntu Live CD, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, and Easy Peasy 1.1.

Aside from letting you know about this, I just wanted to share a promotional code to get a chunky discount on the magazine. To have a year of magazines pushed through your mailbox it weighs in at US$ 39.95 (USA & Canada). You can subscribe here using the code: EUUEM981.

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  • Mukul

    Ubuntu-User is one of the biggest mockery in the name of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most popular name in the FOSS community so the magazine should have been free and not chargeable.

  • jono

    So how exactly do they cover the costs of the magazine? The staff, the paper, the ink, the printing, the research, the travel, the distribution, the DVDs?

    How do you suggest they produce the same quality of printed magazine without incurring these costs so they can give it away?

  • http://www.joaquimrocha.com Joaquim Rocha

    Jono, they could plant trees on their backyard (here you have the paper), also they could open an aluminum and plastic plant so they could manufacture DVDs!

    Of course all the people working in those plants would have to do it for free and also the Government wouldn’t charge for any taxes… not to mention that the computers would be offered by their brands.

    This way we could all live like self-sufficient Free Software hackers!

    I should finish by saying that Free doesn’t always mean gratis but instead I’ll just say “Peace and love y’all!” 😛

  • John Paul

    What a shame to waste trees for something that could be better done online. The planet needs more trees, not more magazines.

    What a retrograde means of spreading the message of such a progressive operating system!

  • tomas

    @Mukul There already is FREE ubuntu magazine called Full Circle Magazine ( fullcirclemagazine.org ). The big difference is that Full circle is digital only and written by community. You know, printing and proffessional articles do cost…

  • Zac

    I have subscribed to Ubuntu User magazine and I like it alot. It is a good quality publication which I can easily show others. Well done to all the people involved. Recommended.

    I also like the Full Circle Magazine (online). One doesn’t replace the other, they serve different purposes and accessed differently.

    I have also seen it in local newsagents stores (Perth, Australia) amongst the many Windows magazines.

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  • s j west

    Last magazine i bought was byte, it was bought and closed down. Computer publishing since then isnt worth reading.

  • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ MHazell

    Thanks for the info.