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UDS Update

I just wanted to provide everyone with a quick update on where we are with planning for the Ubuntu Developer Summit. The twice-annual Ubuntu Developer Summit is the event in which we get together to design, discuss and plan the next version of Ubuntu. It is a critical event in the Ubuntu calendar not only […]

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Changing The World

We saw this when we walked into a Peet’s Coffee in Livermore today.

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LifeHacker and Ubuntu: A Response

Recently LifeHacker had an article talking about five things they would like to see in Ubuntu. The article is very supportive of Ubuntu, and we appreciate that LifeHacker folks, and I wanted to follow up with a few notes about each of the five areas they focused on, particularly with relation to the recently released […]

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Call For Ubuntu LoCo Stories

Look at this man. Do you recognize him? does he look familiar? If not you should. His name is David Planella and he works on my team at Canonical as the horseman responsible for ensuring we have a rocking Ubuntu translations community. He is doing a stella job. As part of his role I have […]

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LugRadio Live 2009 Announced

I am proud to join my fellow large gents in announcing the power and the glory that is LugRadio Live 2009 in Wolverhampton on the 24th October 2009! Although LugRadio may be no more, LugRadio Live is alive and kicking and we are all tickled pink about the forthcoming fun-fest. Featuring such legends as Andy […]

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Three Years At Canonical

Three years ago today I joined Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager. Throughout this time there have been many adventures and many stories. I have had the good fortune to not just work with good people, but great people. The Ubuntu family is a welcoming, inspiring and productive one, and I feel a very personal […]

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Hacking On Flarebook

With my new toy that I blogged about recently I wanted a nicer interface for getting content on and off the Kindle. I have also been wanting to get back into a little coding, so I thought a fun pet project could be to write a little tool to browse content on the Kindle, ease […]

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Kindle DX Impressions

The Kindle. I have been wanting to buy one of these babies for a while, and when I kept reading about people buying my book on them, read Mike’s generally positive blatherings, and wanted something to read for my honeymoon last week, I gave in and bought one. There are two Kindles and as I […]

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