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Karmic Released and London Release Party Tonight

Just a quick message to those of you based in Blighty. I and many other Ubuntu folks will be partying tonight to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala at: Salvador & Amanda, 8 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JA. +44 (0) 20 7240 1551 I hope to see you there! Should be there […]

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1000 Reasons To Be Excited

Earlier I blogged about us trying to get 1000 people in #ubuntu-release-party. Today we release Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, and traditionally we all celebrate there. Well, it happened: Thanks to Pete ‘snugglemonster’ Graner for the image. Of all the people, lool aka, Loïc Minier, was the 1000th member. Folks, come and join us there!

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And Today, We Party

Today we release Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. You all need to come and party with us, right from your web browser. Let’s try and get over 1000 people in there.

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Wild And Wicked Wolverhampton Weekend

Tomorrow I fly to England back to Wolverhampton for LugRadio Live 2009. I have been over in California now for over a year and it will be the first time I have got to see many of my friends since I moved. It will also be the final re-union of the LugRadio team for the […]

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Keeping Ubuntu CDs Available

One of the ways in which many people have been able to experience Ubuntu is via Canonical’s ShipIt program, which has shipped millions of CDs to new users. This has provided a valuable opportunity for new users to try Ubuntu and for our community teams to obtain CDs as part of their advocacy efforts. Due […]

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System76 Continue To Bring The Awesome

System76 who are the makers of this: …have also proven themselves to be incredibly supportive of Ubuntu and growing our community. I just wanted to point you all at their 76er Program where Ubuntu LoCo Teams can get laptop stickers and printed flyers for release parties. Thanks to the always amazing Carl Richell for providing […]

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Humanity To Others: Five Years Later

Five years ago today, the first ever Ubuntu (Warty Warthog) was released. Back then I was an Open Source Consultant working for the government-funded OpenAdvantage and had a (more) stupid beard. Five years later, I am working on my seventh release since I joined Canonical three years ago, and a more refined beard. I really […]

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Ubuntu One Rocking The House

I have a crazy-busy day today, so I am going to keep this short. I just wanted to share how cool Ubuntu One is working out for me, and how it can rock your world too as it ships in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, released next week! There are two particularly cool things […]

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Failure as a Springboard to Success

Those lovely people at ZDNet have let me write a guest post about community, and I have contributed an article called Failure as a springboard to success. The article talks about how if we embrace our failures in our communities, it can help us become better community members, and provides a model for doing so. […]

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Announcing Shot Of Jaq

Some of you will know Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge. He was one of my fellow presenters on LugRadio, a show that we did that took a loose, informal and irreverent take on Open Source and Technology. He was the other longest standing presenter on the show which lasted four years and had over 2million downloads. We […]

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