Ubuntu Global Jam Rocks The World

This past weekend the Ubuntu Global Jam took place in which Ubuntu contributors and fans gathered around the world to enjoy each other’s company, get to know each other and work on the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala release, which is currently available in Beta.

This rocking collection of events took place in Bamako, Tunis, Lagos, Philippines, Birmingham UK, Southend on Sea, Paris, Toulouse, Dublin, Cardiff, Wien, Cornellà, Linköping, Berlin, Luzern, Luxembourg, Zagreb, Siena, Pordenone, Berkeley, Orange County, Orlando, Chicago, Cambridge USA, Detroit, Lake Lure, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Rochester, Syracuse, Vancouver, Montreal, Guatemala, San Pedro Sula, San Miguel, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Manaus, Chile, Bogotá and Maracaibo. I would like to thank all of you for putting together these events and getting together to enjoy the spirit of Ubuntu.

I have heard many amazing stories, but let’s let the pictures speak for themselves:

Toulouse, France

Michigan, USA

Birmingham, England

Philadelphia, USA

Ohio, USA

Florida, USA

Michigan, USA

Massachusetts, USA

Paris, France

Cornellà, Spain

Chicago, USA

Great work, folks!

  • http://whereswalden.com/ Jeff Walden

    You mislabeled the one in Massachusetts as Michigan (or, alternately, you labeled it twice since the MA label is below the MI one).

    I find it amusing that I could say this having been nowhere near Massachusetts in over a year, because I recognize the room as being in Stata at MIT (and further, I recognize they guy with the cow on his shoulder 😀 ).

  • http://blog.paultags.com paultag

    Awesome shot of the NEO LoCo up there! Let’s hear it Ohio!!!!

  • http://offlineblog.net dinu

    Good job guys !!!

  • http://doctormo.wordpress.com Martin Owens

    Hey Jono,

    Since that’s my arm and Yuri I see in the background, the one labeled as Michigan, USA should be labeled “Massachusetts, USA”.

  • http://hungfu.wordpress.com Iain Farrell

    I’m still in my first year using Ubuntu and being part of this community but co-ordination on this scale and getting stuff usefully done out of it just rocks my socks! :)

  • http://www.hellocatfood.com Antonio Roberts

    I’ve just been talking with Mez, and whilst it seems he doesn’t really care, the image that you’ve used from the Bug Jam in Birmingham is licensed under CC-BY-SA, which states that you must give attribution to the content provider.

    Additionally, the flickr community guidelines…

    specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page.

    I don’t know what the license is for the other photos or even if they care, but I think it’d still be groovy and in the spirit of open source/freedom of creativity if you in some way linked to the people/person who took the original photographs.


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    […] In the last few cycles we have organized and run an event called the Ubuntu Global Jam. The idea was simple: encourage our awesome global Ubuntu community to get together in the same room to work on bugs, translations, documentation, testing and more. And they did, all over the world, as can be seen here. […]