System76 Continue To Bring The Awesome

System76 who are the makers of this:

…have also proven themselves to be incredibly supportive of Ubuntu and growing our community.

I just wanted to point you all at their 76er Program where Ubuntu LoCo Teams can get laptop stickers and printed flyers for release parties. Thanks to the always amazing Carl Richell for providing such an fantastic resource for our community!

  • Colin

    Where can we get the large Ubuntu logo thats on the back on the laptop in the image above? Can’t seem to see it on the 76 website.

  • Rubén Romero

    Hi Jono,

    AFAIK this applies only to US and Canada teams.

    Carl has done a fantastic job over the years (they sent stickers to Norway once), but have lately focused on their revenue market. Which is pretty understandable as revenue drives a business.

    Maybe our community should take this in our hands and create a sticker distribution system with selfmade systems?

    Initiatives have been taken before, bit there’s no continuity.

  • jorge

    That’s not a sticker it’s actually part of the lid. Looks great in real life.

  • sondy_loafan


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  • Joseph

    I’m still loving my Meerkat nettop that is now my primary server. System76 is, indeed, completely chock full of the awesome. I just wish I had more money to spend on gadgets. :(