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Ubuntu And The Opportunistic Programmer

Today I wanted to talk a little about how Ubuntu and its underlying platform comprised of many upstream components is opening up tremendous possibilities for the opportunistic programmer. I am by definition an opportunistic programmer, and many Open Source folks are too. As an example, I bought an Amazon Kindle and wanted a simple GUI […]

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Next Ubuntu Open Week Announced!

Today we are proud to announce the schedule for the next Ubuntu Open Week, which takes place from the 2nd – 6th November 2009. Ubuntu Open Week is a week of free live online tuition and Q+A sessions that are provided on a range of topics by many of the movers and shakers in out […]

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Back From The Abyss

Today Aq and I just did a server upgrade and jonobacon@home should be much faster now. In the interim there may be a few quirks here and there. Just let me know and I will get them fixed. Thanks for your patience, folks!

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Ubuntu Server Eucalyptus Testers Needed

Koalas love eucalyptus, they spend three hours a day munching away on the sturdy plant. Likewise, Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala loves Eucalyptus, the Open Source system for implementing on-premise private and hybrid clouds using the hardware and software infrastructure that is in place, without modification. This allows you to run your own private cloud on […]

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This Is What Awesome Looks Like

This is a screenshot of a conversation I had today with Rick Spencer, leader of the Ubuntu Desktop Team at Canonical. Using the Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, we are having a video chat using Empathy, while also sharing Rick’s desktop, also using Empathy, and he was demoing some of the work he been doing on […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam Rocks The World

This past weekend the Ubuntu Global Jam took place in which Ubuntu contributors and fans gathered around the world to enjoy each other’s company, get to know each other and work on the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala release, which is currently available in Beta. This rocking collection of events took place in Bamako, Tunis, […]

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Growing The Seeds Of Honour

America. The land of opportunity. A country rooted in the pursuit of The American Dream: a dream defined by life, liberty and opportunity. A country steeped in a culture driven by 44 proud leaders from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, and represented in pride and honour by an icon for freedom recognized […]

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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta Released: Testers Needed!

Like everyone else with their heart invested in Ubuntu, I am tickled pink to see that Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta has been released. Our global community of contributors and developers has worked tirelessly to get this Beta out, and there are lots of great features in there including Upstart switched on by default, improved […]

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Ubuntu Karmic Free Culture Showcase Winners Announced!

With each release of Ubuntu we ship a package called example-content which provides some example video, audio, images and information that can help a new user get started exploring their Ubuntu system. In each cycle we like to use example-content as a means of showcasing a Video, Audio, and Photo/Graphic artist who releases their work […]

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