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More On Lernid

Time for a quick update on Lernid, a little program I have been writing to make it as easy as possible to get involved in online Ubuntu events such as Ubuntu Open Week and Ubuntu Developer Week. This is how it looks right now: Here is a summary of the recent changes: Better Classroom – […]

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The Shot Of Jaq Train Begins

Yesterday we kicked out our first proper episode of Shot Of Jaq and I am chuffed to bits with the response. Right now it stands at 42 comments, and I am sure this will continue to grow. The whole idea behind Shot Of Jaq is that our 10 minute shot acts as the start of […]

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Introducing Lernid

Last week, while at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas I mentioned in one of the roundtables about how wicked-cool it would be to have a desktop client for Ubuntu Open Week, Ubuntu Developer Week and other online tuition events that we run. One of the challenges we face every time we run these events […]

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Creating a roadmap for more successful teams

One of the challenges that every community faces, particularly teams inside a larger community, is the ability to coordinate what goals and ambitions the team is going to work on. Traditionally this has always been somewhat ad-hoc: people join a team and work on whatever they feel like. Ideas are ten-a-penny though. For most teams […]

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Canonical and Creative Commons Meet Donations Target

Melissa from the Creative Commons pointed me to the rather good news that Canonical’s offer to match Creative Commons donations up to $3000 has already been matched: Just five days ago we announced that Canonical would be generously matching every donation dollar for dollar for the next week – up to $3,000. Well, we met […]

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One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, I married the love of my life, Erica. From the minute we went on our first date, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We instantly developed a close connection; a bond that spans beliefs, interests, ambitions and tastes. Since that day we have not […]

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The Intersection Of Quality And Expectations

There has been a little bit o’chatter on the tubes recently regarding quality and our recent release, Ubuntu 9.10. There we were on Thursday, champagne in hand, kicking a new release out the door and while I have seen countless reports of happy users with effortless upgrades and hardware and software working better than ever […]

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Not Tolerating The Intolerant

Thanks to my friends over at ZDNet for allowing me to post another guest article on their Between The Lines column. This time I have written an article discussing the importance of a productive, pleasant and pleasurable community that rewards great work and celebrates the exchange of both agreeable and challenging opinions, ideas and views, […]

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The Art of Community #1 Culture Book on

It may have changed by the time you read this, but The Art of Community has now hit the #1 slot for the Business and Culture category You can see it on this page and you can check out the Art of Community Amazon page here. Go and buy a copy and support the […]

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Art of Community Webinar Soon

Just a quick note: I am doing a webinar on my book The Art of Community at 9am Pacific today. You can join us here.

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