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Announcing Acire

After a wonderful week in England with family celebrating Christmas, Erica and I flew home to the East Bay. We were sat at Heathrow having a cup of coffee and I was thinking of what I occupy myself with on the plane ride over. Unfortunately, Lernid hacking was out of the question as I had […]

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Lernid: Progress And Walkthrough

Tonight I completed a bunch of hacks on Lernid and a number of new bug fixes, improvements and refinements have landed. To best explain where Lernid stands, I wanted to perform a little walkthrough of how it works. Imagine you are interested in joining the fictional Ubuntu Example Week event. No longer do you need […]

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Lernid Gets Presentation Support

I just wanted to share a cool new feature I just hacked into Lernid today. The current cut of the feature is still very new, but it works great. I have added slide support. This is how it works: imagine you are giving a session at the upcoming UBuntu Developer Week or Ubuntu Open Week. […]

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Art Of Community Rated #2 Must Have Social Media Book By Mashable

Two lovely nuggets of Art Of Community information to share: Firstly, The Art Of Community was rated #2 in Top 10 must-have books on social media by Mashable. Wow, I am tickled pink about this. Thanks, Mashable folks! Secondly, I have have heard from a bunch of people that the legendary .net Magazine reviewed The […]

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Unchaining The Opportunistic Programmer

Recently I have been writing a lot about Lernid, an application that makes online learning events more fun and more accessible, and at the heart of what has enabled me to write Lernid is Quickly; a framework for scratching itches. Quickly has enabled me to re-connect with my coding mojo, and deliver the fruits of […]

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Lucid Community Team Plans

As many of you will know, I manage the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical, which has horsemen Holbach, Castro and Planella in it. A large chunk of my job is to take into account the wide range of needs from our different stakeholders (community teams, Canonical teams, upstreams etc) and to flesh out a strategy […]

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Application Indicators In Python

I am really excited to see Ted’s post regarding some of the improvements coming to the desktop notification area. This part of our desktop has become something of a wild west – icons look ugly, are spaced too close together, have left/right click inconstancy, often provide obscure and inaccessible widgets and cannot be easily controlled […]

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Two New Articles

Just a quick post to outline two recent articles that are online: Communitizing the community with community tools -thanks to my friends over at ZDNet for publishing this for me. This is an overview of some tools I find awesome for building great communities. Interview with Datamation on The Art of Community – Bruce Byfield […]

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Ubuntu Community Hack Fest

Tonight I had an idea I wanted to run past Ubuntu community folks. I think it could be fun to have an Ubuntu Community Hackfest. In it we would pick two days and devote them to hacking on software projects that are community-related. This could include existing project such as: LoCo Directory Harvest Quickly Hall […]

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Community Meetings: Rock Not Ramble

I just had another article published on ZDNet. This one is called Community Meetings: Rock Not Ramble and talks about how to get the most out of online discussion meetings. It begins: At the heart of great communities is great communication. Different communities converse in very different ways. Some step out into the big blue […]

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