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Lernid 0.3 Brings The Rock And Roll

Today I kicked out a new release of Lernid – Lernid 0.3. This release packs in some juicy new features and bug fixes, and we are edging closer to Lernid 1.0 ready for our next major learning event: Ubuntu Developer Week. This release brings the following new features: Refined Interface – the interface has been […]

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Shot Of Jaq: A Few Weeks In

It has been a few weeks now since Aq and I started doing our new podcast, Shot Of Jaq. What a crazy few weeks. As some of you will know, we did LugRadio for four years, and we really got into the habit of the LugRadio formula. Four year and 2million downloads later, I am […]

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Dimebag: Still Remembered, Still Missed

Five years ago today, one of my heroes was murdered. Dimebag Darrell, guitarist from Pantera, Damageplan and Rebel Meets Rebel was shot while performing in Columbus, Ohio by Nathan Gale, a crazed fan disgruntled with the split of Pantera. The metal world and beyond was devastated by the news. In such a tight-knit and almost-tribal […]

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Yesterday a package arrived on my doorstep. Not just a package, but a big one, and I had not ordered anything that big to be delivered. Lo and behold, said package had my name on it and the sticker said it was from Pete Graner, who is my colleague at Canonical leading the kernel team. […]

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Lernid Karmic Daily Builds Now Available

Thanks to the awesome Nathan ‘nhandler’ Handler, we now have a daily builds PPA for Lernid. This means you can run the unstable, daily, crack-of-the-day version of Lernid and have it delivered automatically right to your desktop. Currently it is built for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala, and you can suck in the goodness by running: […]

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Lernid Gets Notifications, Browser Updates and Translations

Hi all, just weighing in with another update on my pet project – Lernid. I have added a bunch of new features this week to Lernid: Notifications – events that are shown in the event list will now appear in the notification area. A notification bubble will pop up 10 minutes before an event begins […]

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Lernid Gets ‘Real’ Events

Another quick Lernid update. So far, Lernid has merely provided a streamlined interface to the common components in Ubuntu Open Week or Ubuntu Developer Week. I have just completed some work which starts bringing unique value to Lernid as a user interface for these events. I have been wanting to have a means of providing […]

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Lernid 0.2 Released

I am pleased to announce an early snapshot release of Lernid: a little program to make connecting to Ubuntu learning events simple. Lernid is still very much in development, and still needs lots of work before it is ready for our next event, but I have had people badgering me for a package, so here […]

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