Slashdot In Ubuntu Membership Shocker!

For those of you who have read the recent Slashdot article announcing Ubuntu’s new membership programme, this is clearly a mistake.

Ubuntu has had the concept of membership for many years, helping us to identify those who have made a significant and sustained contribution. This is nothing new and nothing is changing.

More information on Ubuntu Membership can be found here.

  • Martin Garton

    Are you suggesting that not everything found on slashdot is always entirely accurate? Surely not!

  • Mohamed Ayad

    It’s slashdot !!!! that’s why

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  • Scott Ritchie

    This was the article that finally convinced me that slashdot isn’t worth reading news from. There’s just so much lazy editing and incredibly poorly researched articles posted.

  • Zac

    Typical and disappointing from Slashdot, but unfortunately but many do believe what they read.

  • Glubbdrubb

    The post has been updated since then.

    I don’t see what the big deal is though. It just looks like someone realized that Ubuntu offers membership to users and decided to let everyone know about it.

    Now, although the tone of the article may not have been as neutral as it could have been, you should not be surprised that they will use sensationalist methods to increase advertising revenue.

    This does, however, open a discussion about membership.

  • James Duncan

    Slashdot in insanely lazy summaries shocker, you mean.