Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase: Lucid Edition

Folks, we are back with another Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase!

The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is an opportunity to bring the best of two great worlds together by showing off high quality Free Culture content in Ubuntu. At the heart of Ubuntu’s ethos is a belief in showcasing Free Software and Free Culture, and with each development cycle we present the opportunity for any Free Culture artist to put their work in front of millions of Ubuntu users around the world. Although the space restrictions are tight, and we are limited to how much content we can include, the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is an excellent opportunity for artists everywhere. I am always hugely inspired by the wonderful entries that we recieve in each competition and I am excited about the opportunities we have to ship awesome Free Culture content with Karmic!

Please note, this time we are not including photo entries as the Ubuntu Art Team already has a competition for submitting photo and graphic content for inclusion as wallpapers.

The winning submissions will be made available on the shipped CDs and download images of the Ubuntu 9.04 release. Every user will be able to find the content in the Examples/ folder in a home directory.

With this competition we are accepting submissions for audio, video, and graphic/photo submissions. We have a winner to find for each category, and the competition closes on 28th February 2010. The time is short on this competition, so you better get cracking on some stunning entries!

Entering the showcase is simple:

  • Your submission must be one of the following:
    • Audio Entries – no larger than 1MB in size – made available in Ogg Vorbis format.
    • Video Entries – no larger than 2.5MB in size – made available in Ogg Theora format.
  • All entries must be licensed and distributable under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike or Creative Commons Attribution license.
  • Upload your submission somewhere online (there are lots of free hosting solutions available such as archive.org). Do not email any of the organisers or judges with your submissions.
  • Add your entry to one of the submission tables at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase.
  • When the deadline for submissions closes, our panel of judges will pick a shortlist, and the Community Council will then pick the final winners from the shortlist.

The deadline is 28th February 2010 and you can read more about it at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase.

  • http://daniel.holba.ch/blog Daniel Holbach

    Photo / Graphic contributions go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Lucid/Wallpaper_Contest_Planning this time around.

  • Marius

    For a moment there I thought this was anti Ubuntu since I read “Ubuntu free”. Gotta love ambiguity with English grammar.

  • Glubbdrubb

    “The winning submissions will be made available on the shipped CDs and download images of the Ubuntu 9.04 release.”

    I think you mean 10.4, yes?

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  • Tom

    OK, still no word about graphic demos rendered in real time (demo scene). Maybe OpenGL in Ubuntu is still not mature enough, but will you try to include a 4k or 64k demo for 10.10? (Of course it has to run on Linux, be FOSS and contain CC art)

    The comments on the wiki page encourage the inclusion and I think it would really help the Ubutnu gfx stack (OpenGL, OpenCL, SDL etc.)

    Or will these posts always be copy&pasted from the 9.04 and nothing will ever change?

  • indu yay

    speaking of “culture” wheres the video or at least the audio of lugradio from lugradio live 2009, all the other videos were posted without any fanfare, while that part is still missing.

  • http://www.peppertop.com/ MarkC

    Is it still possible to submit a graphic entry that’s not suitable as a desktop image? I’ve been working on an SVG comic strip using Inkscape specifically for this competition, but it’s no good as a desktop image – not unless you have a really weird aspect ratio to your monitor.

    I’d love to see an SVG submission make it to the disc, because unlike most formats it really does epitomise the idea of Open Source and Creative Commons. As open as Ogg is, it still only represents a “final cut”, not the constituent, remixable, original parts. With SVG not only do you get the final result, but also the “source code” for you to study and modify.

  • http://www.jaduncan.com James Duncan

    This would, indeed, be awesome. The nice thing is that some demos are circa 10kb – it’s possible to include something impressive without much space at all.

  • http://www.rcalderon.es Ramón Calderón

    Is more than a single work per person allowed? I’d like to submit maybe two or three videos.