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Fun Little Acire Story

With the new release of Acire just out I wanted to tell you folks a fun little story of an added benefit to Acire that I never envisaged when I came up with the idea for the app. Yesterday I got an email from someone (I will keep the identify private) saying: I’m trying to […]

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Acire 0.3 Released

Everyone’s favorite tool to browse Python snippets, run them, learn from them and incorporate them into your programs has been released! This new release has the following new features: Translated – Acire has now got support for multiple languages, but this is very new so it needs your translations! Want to help make Acire rocking […]

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The Grand App Writing Challenge

Yesterday I gave my talk on opportunistic developers on (which I plan on repeating next week). In that session I floated the idea of having a fun challenge next week when Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week happens. The idea was pretty popular, so I wanted to share it here. The idea is simple: Think of […]

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Introduction To Python Sessions Soon!

If you are new to Python and coding, Rick Spencer from the desktop team will be running some beginners Python tuition sessions in an hour: Thu 25th Feb 2010 – 15.00 UTC – Ubuntu Opp Dev Week Prep: Intro to Python for total beginners Thu 25th Feb 2010 – 16.00 UTC – Ubuntu Opp Dev […]

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Brand New Lernid Released

Ready for the awesomeness that is Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week, we have a shiny new Lernid for you all to rock the week with. Lernid is the online learning tool for getting the most out of our learning weeks. It makes connecting a doddle and provides interactive features such as showing slides, web pages and […]

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Rocking The Opportunistic Desktop

I just wanted to summarize some fun opportunistic developer things going on over the next few weeks. all of these events provide a great opportunity to get started having fun making awesome apps that you can share with others. Presenting The Opportunistic Developer Vision On Wednesday 24th Feb at 11am / 2pm EST / 7pm […]

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Two ‘At Home’ Shows Coming Up

On Wednesday 24th Feb at 11am / 2pm EST / 7pm UTC/GMT I will be giving the talk that I delivered this past weekend at SCALE in LA in which I talk about the work going on in the Ubuntu community to embrace Opportunistic Developers in writing awesome free software apps. If you are curious […]

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Awesome Ubuntu Software Center Updates

Two awesome new features that the Ubuntu Software Center recently got in Lucid: Featured Category – there is a special top-level category for highly recommended applications that we don’t have room for on the disc. This includes the GIMP and Abiword right now. We will add more throughout the release cycle. Personal Package Archives – […]

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Some Opportunistic Developer Updates

A few awesome opportunistic developer updates: Firstly, I have been adding some parties every day during Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week. These include a couple of hacking parties in which you should come and join us and hack on your new apps and be around folks to ask for help, answer questions and share progress. Secondly, […]

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App Of Jaq

In the continued mission to inspire and encourage opportunistic developers to write cool little apps that scratch an itch, no matter how specific and niche, I have started work on App Of Jaq: a desktop app that scratches my itch to build the Shot Of Jaq experience right into the desktop. The first cut of […]

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