Lucid Ubuntu Global Jam Announced

Are you good folks aware of what is happening on 26th – 28th March 2010. But of course, it is the Ubuntu Global Jam!

In the last few cycles we have organized and run an event called the Ubuntu Global Jam. The idea was simple: encourage our awesome global Ubuntu community to get together in the same room to work on bugs, translations, documentation, testing and more. And they did, all over the world, as can be seen here.

To make the event as simple and accessible as possible, we have picked five topic areas and we are encouraging you lovely people to organize an event with one or more of them:

  • Bugs – finding, triaging and fixing bugs.
  • Testing – testing the new release and reporting your feedback.
  • Documentation – writing documentation about how to use Ubuntu and how to join the community.
  • Translations – translating Ubuntu and helping to make it available in everyone’s local language.
  • Packaging – packaging software for Ubuntu users to install with a clock.

With five primary methods of getting involved, there is something for everyone in this rocking global event. In this event we are also adding an Upgrade theme too: upgrading to Lucid from Hardy or Karmic and reporting your upgrade experience.

One thing that I am keen that everyone remembers: you don’t have to be an official developer, packager or programmer to take part in the Ubuntu Global Jam. Also, lets not forget that Ubuntu Global Jam events are a fantastic place to learn and improve your skills: you can sit next to someone who can show you how to do something or explain something in more detail.

If this is all sounding right up your street and you fancy organizing an event, go and read this page and then add your event to this page.

Rock and roll: let’s make this one to remember. Start your engines, folks…

UPDATE: I have scheduled some regular meetings every two weeks in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode to discuss the Ubuntu Global Jam, provide a place to ask questions and get together as a community to make the most out of the event and awareness of it. These meetings are on the Fridge Calendar. :-)

  • mvngu

    Packaging – packaging software for Ubuntu users to install with a clock.

    To “install with a click”?

  • Tim Bosse

    Just being Nebby, but isn’t that 5 topics being covered instead of 4?

  • Benjamin Humphrey

    Sounds awesome Jono!

    I’m going to be a pain here and say that although you’ve said “four” topic areas, you’ve listed five đŸ˜›

  • jono

    Fixed. :-)

  • Steve Cresawn

    Kinda looks like 5 topic areas… đŸ˜‰

  • RubĂ©n Romero

    I knew I’ve seen those guys before:

    The Catalan LoCo is the bomb! :-)

    Hope to get this running for the Norwegian team this time around!

  • Gerv

    If I go to the web page you link, I can’t see any way to get involved in person. I’m not going to organize a jam myself, but I might go to one if there was one in London.

    Is there a list somewhere of organized Jams? At the moment, it looks like there aren’t any at all, but maybe I’m missing something. I tried the UK Team’s pages, but no mentions there.


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