Master Of The Situation

I had a crack at creating some electronic music. I know, not metal. I figured I would share this, and I have never done this before, so be gentle. :-)

Check out Master Of The Situation in MP3 and Ogg format.

Created in Cubase with Halion One, a KeyRig and Drumkit From Hell.

  • nixternal

    Hey knuckle head, that ogg should be an ogg and not an mp3 :p It made me want to hug a puppy instead of breaking in and robbing people like Severed Fifth did, but honestly, I would have to say…stick to your day job! :p just kidding, not my type but at least it was decent. snap-l, where you at, this is your cup of tea!

  • jono

    Oops! Fixed!

    Cheers. :-)

  • Gareth

    Woah. This is pretty awesome stuff. More more more!

  • Derek

    Hey, I like it. Until the voice-over appeared it reminded me of the Sisters of Mercy, which I think are great. Very old skool. Keep it up!

  • http://ignaz.orgh Vamp898

    Why did you use Cubase :'(

  • mmxgn

    Pretty nice. Didn’t like very much that the guy spoke the whole song along.

    But why use cubase? Didn’t you like the FOSS jack+ardour+zynaddsubfx+seq24/rosegarden+hydrogen killer combo? It runs out of the box in ubuntu too :)

  • JM Ibanez

    Awesome. :) Where’d you get the vocal track? I’m curious as to the source material.

  • JM Ibanez

    On a side note: typo in the ID3 Title tag: Master of The >Stiuation<

  • shermann


    well done this track. The voice track reminds me of “19” of Paul Hardcastle (dunno if you know this guy still, coming from the 80ties)

    Which midi card did you use for the soundbeats?



  • Kyran

    The guitar arp/riff is great, so is the stringwork, but the beat can use some work. I’d go for a more drum machine sound (try some DMX samples). It’ll make the beat beefier, and probably push your sound more to the sisters of mercy.

  • Brett

    That’s not half bad.. I like it!

    I love all your war speeches and recounts, where do you get them?

  • jeff

    Nice work, I like it. Is it c.c. by sa?

    And I find it a bit sad that jokosher seemingly can’t be used for things like these yet…

  • Kris

    Nicely done.

    Would have been even better, though, if you had set a good example and used floss software.

  • Mike Danko

    Are you going to give up the midi for remixing/reworking?

  • Stu

    Liking the slight goth/industrial drums and guitars in this.

  • Joel P

    Nice snippet Jono. Looking forward to more.

  • Jon

    I enjoyed that, pleasantly surprised, thanks. Quite catchy too! Echoing another commenter, the drums are a little thin. If I were to change one thing it would be to try and flesh them out. Other than th, echoing another comment, the tag has Situation misspelt. (in my case it’s the vorbis comment field). Wow two comments echoed. Do I have an original thought in my head?

  • Stefan Kost

    Hej, as a gstreamer promoter, you should have used buzztard of course. Nevertheless a nice track. Could get some mastering, some more transitions, more variation on the drums etc. But on the otherhand you got it out (I sometimes frickle to long on the details of a song).

  • Ian McEwen

    Just FYI, I added this to musicbrainz for you (for those of us who like to have UUIDs for our music) — update any details you’d like (for example, if this is CC-licensed at all :D):