Some Opportunistic Developer Updates

A few awesome opportunistic developer updates:

  • Firstly, I have been adding some parties every day during Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week. These include a couple of hacking parties in which you should come and join us and hack on your new apps and be around folks to ask for help, answer questions and share progress.
  • Secondly, given the interest brewing around opportunistic developers on Ubuntu, I have created a new IRC channel called #ubuntu-app-devel where you can go to hang out with others writing apps, you can ask questions there, share progress and talk about how we can make Ubuntu a rocking system for harnessing the creative inclinations of opportunistic developers.

Rock and roll, my friends. :-)

  • rickspencer3

    We should discuss how the #quickly community and the #ubuntu-app-devel community interact. Perhaps they should be converged into a single channel? However, I guess that #ubuntu-app-devel may be a bit wider in scope than #ubuntu-app-devel.

    Cheers, Rick

  • jono

    I think #quickly is going to be most suitable for upstream discussion and development about Quickly, whereas as I see #ubuntu-app-devel as a more general place for discussing the wide plethora of technologies that constitute the Ubuntu Development Platform.

    I would love to see #ubuntu-app-devel being a place to discuss for example Project Awesome Opportunity, as well as a place where people can ask questions when building apps. :-)

  • ethana2

    What about opportunistic development for Android?

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  • jramirez

    That would be a great idea

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