Awesome Ubuntu Software Center Updates

Two awesome new features that the Ubuntu Software Center recently got in Lucid:

  • Featured Category – there is a special top-level category for highly recommended applications that we don’t have room for on the disc. This includes the GIMP and Abiword right now. We will add more throughout the release cycle.
  • Personal Package Archives – PPAs are now visible inside the software center. This is another step closer to making opportunistic development rocking in Ubuntu. :-)

You should all hunt down mvo on Freenode IRC and tell him he is awesome.

  • Grant

    PPAs inside Software Centre? Schweet! I’m looking forward to Lucid!

  • tanim

    gr8… i’m waiting for lucid…

  • ethana2

    Something tells me I’m going to be addicted to another prerelease for 2 months again..

    I don’t know what I think of that… Ubuntu is getting awesomer so fast I can’t ever seem to choose stability over the amazingness of the latest alphas even though I know I kinda should..

    word: a series of characters that communicates a concept.

  • ethana2

    By the way, any plans for a strict GTK+ only view of installed apps? I don’t want to see any swing/mosaic/windows/qt/curses apps in my default view..

  • ethana2

    (or XUL… wxWidgets seems ok though.)

  • James Duncan

    This makes sense, although how does it deal with apt priorities? If I install something from in the ‘Provided by Ubuntu’ section and the PPA has a newer version, won’t it still install the PPA deb?

  • Amar

    Yummy yummy… but I will wait till release. Stability is like a bliss :)

  • Mahmoud Tantawy

    everyday i love Ubuntu more n more :)

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  • Omar


    two feature requests.

    Propose it for GNOME3.0 and skip contributor agreements.

    Nice piece of software. Thx.

  • Jan Jokela

    Why is it that my mobile phone’s Application store is visually far richer than Ubuntu’s one? I think we need far more detailed descriptions (and better written) of most Applications plus visually more appealing information like a bunch of big screenshots instead of having to click on some “get screenhot” button that most likely than not, won’t have any associated. Now of course, part of what I described isn’t directly related to the Software Center App itself, but nevertheless needs to be done. Keep up the great work 😉

  • Júlio

    This is wonderful! =D Amazing job!

  • Oli

    They need to bring back sorting by popularity.

  • Zac

    Great features coming. Bring it on!

    In addition my ideal: Make it easy for developers and end users to – make software easily available, to install, to update, to downgrade, to remove, both free and commercial software with complete confidence.

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  • Joern

    Having PPA emphasized in the Software Center goes along the lines of “Why didnt we do this earlier? It just makes sense!”

  • w1nGNUtz

    +1, although this is big, big news!

  • anonymous

    I think this is a bad idea.

    Firefox, Thunderbird, and all OpenOffice programs are not GTK apps.

    Heck, Qt apps blend in better with a GNOME desktop now than OpenOffice does.

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  • dan

    I like it!

    Is synaptic going to be removed from the install CD?

  • Aaron

    If you want Ubuntu to be user friendly then I think you should make the default of software center to not show the gnome experimentals and stuff. But you can make it as an option in the view menu at the top.

  • Aaron

    Waaaawaaa :-( My snapping package manager! is gona LEAVE!!!

  • Potater

    Please tell me the description summaries won’t be obscured by the More Info button.

  • Redman

    That looks very nice ! I can’t wait for that :p

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  • http://http.// David

    I LOVE Ubuntu and During my last public presentation of 910 the Software Center really impressed very deeply the public, even an old Suse user was blown away… Ubuntu is the best…

  • But…

    The buttons don’t really obliterate half the text, right…?

  • beaxe

    Video for Linux (v4l) support software programs for “Avermedia AverTV Super 007 M135A PCI Card” in ubuntu software centre is required. Better hardware support by ubuntu will be vital in future.

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