Introduction To Python Sessions Soon!

If you are new to Python and coding, Rick Spencer from the desktop team will be running some beginners Python tuition sessions in an hour:

  • Thu 25th Feb 2010 – 15.00 UTC – Ubuntu Opp Dev Week Prep: Intro to Python for total beginners
  • Thu 25th Feb 2010 – 16.00 UTC – Ubuntu Opp Dev Week Prep: Intro to Python for programmers

These sessions are best experienced using Lernid. If you would prefer to use a normal IRC client, just join #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat to join in the fun. :-)

  • ichi kidana

    still no lugradio live 2009, bug #458934 ignored, no deb package deltas nor xz compression

  • will kahn-greene

    Already left this comment once, but it looks like it got eaten.

    I’m the curator for Python Miro Community. The site is a curated index of Python-related videos including screencasts, tutorials and sessions from various conferences. I’ve set up a Python-basics track for people new to Python and a Python-advanced track for people who are more experienced.

    Both would be helpful for people learning Python to find videos that will help them along their way.

    I’m assuming that my comment was eaten because it had too many links in it. So I’m skipping the links this time.

    Go to Python Miro Community and click on the “Learning Python” tab at the top for links to both tracks.

    Additionally, there’s a lot of good Python beginner material at ShowMeDo.

    Hope that helps!

  • jono

    Wow, thanks for the info! :-)

  • Timmie

    Hi Jono, your stuff here is really cool. Where can we find the archive of that session?

    I didn’t know about it before so I couldn’t watch it live.