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Proud To Be a Son

Today my dad was informed that he will be awarded a masters degree at Cambridge University where he has been studying recently. While I am overflowing with pride over his achievement, what really makes me smile is the incredible journey that led him there. Born and raised in the Dales in North Yorkshire, he came […]

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Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week Update

Earlier this week I announced the plan to put together Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week: a week of IRC tuition sessions aimed at helping opportunistic developers scratch their itches and write fun and useful programs using our awesome platform. The week takes place from 1st – 6th March 2010. The response so far to the call […]

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Fixing Bugs The Opportunistic Way

Recently I announced Project Awesome Opportunity; an ambitious goal to build awesome collaboration facilities into Ubuntu that makes working together on projects as simple as possible. Project Awesome Opportunity is not just about coding: it is about people opportunistically creating things that scratch their itches. This could could anything from software to learning materials and […]

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KDE Application Indicators In GNOME

Something we have been spending some time working on in this cycle has been fixing the mess that is the system tray. This is based upon an awesome specification submitted to Freedesktop by KDE. The spec has been implemented by KDE, we have written an implementation for the GNOME panel and it shipped in Ubuntu […]

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Social From The Start

Twitter, and Facebook have become an increasingly common medium in which people are communicating. While Google Wave vies to be the next generation of communication (as we waxed lyrical about on the recent Shot Of Jaq), in reality email and microblogging are unlikely to be unseated as primary methods of communication. Naturally, we want […]

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International Women’s Day Comp: Get Your Entries In!

Look at this lovely bag of swag: Image courtesy of Melissa Draper. Want to own all this goodness, including Ubuntu Backpacks, women’s t-shirts, key chains, 1 year digital subscription to Linux Pro Magazine or a 1 year print subscription Ubuntu User, and a copy of the The Art of Community by some beardy community guy? […]

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Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week: Call For Participation!

In the continued interests of helping to make Ubuntu rock as a platform for scratching itches and making awesome apps, I am putting together a new online learning event: Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week, happening online between 1st – 6th March 2010. The week will be just like our previous online learning events such as Ubuntu […]

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Master Of The Situation

I had a crack at creating some electronic music. I know, not metal. I figured I would share this, and I have never done this before, so be gentle. Check out Master Of The Situation in MP3 and Ogg format. Created in Cubase with Halion One, a KeyRig and Drumkit From Hell.

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I Support Same Sex Marriage

I love being married, it has opened up an incredible sense of commitment and security in my life and my wife’s life. Love is love, and I would never want to prevent anyone from enjoying what I am afforded the privilage of enjoying. This includes gay people. As such, I have joined this Facebook group […]

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Project Awesome Opportunity

In the continued interests of making Ubuntu a rocking platform for opportunistic developers, today we formulated the plan for Project Awesome Opportunity. The goal is simple: build an opportunistic development workflow into Ubuntu. You will install one package from Universe and your Ubuntu will be hot-rodded for opportunistic application development, making development more fun and […]

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