This Is Exactly What We Want

A user called Eric left a comment on my Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week and Python Snippets Day blog entry which I felt really needs highlighting:

Thank you and the entire Canonical team for putting the Opportunistic Developer Week together!

I’ve been stuck doing heavy, back end enterprise Java programming for the past few years. My interest in programming slowly fizzled out.

On a whim, I decided to check out quickly, acire and the learning materials your team put together. PyGTK erased all the bad taste in my mouth from the Swing applications I’ve coded. :-) I haven’t had this much fun programming in a long time! Thanks so much!

This is exactly what I want us to do as community, to help unlock creativity in people’s minds and lower the barrier between idea and implementation. Thanks, Eric, you really put a smile on my face with that one.

  • ethana2

    Anything that makes for one less Swing app in the world gets MY approval.

  • Alan Bell

    It is indeed exactly what we want!

  • Adam Dudczak

    Professional development in bare Swing nowadays is something really odd. There are tools which are using Swing as a foundation but simplifies a lot of things e.g. NetBeans RCP or Eclipse RCP. Those should be used.

    You can also use more dynamic languages to develop desktop apps UIs e.g. Groovy, Ruby or even Jython :).

    But it still makes me think why PyGtk is so attractive, what about portability between different OS? I know that there is GTK for Windows but people would have install it, Java is installed on quite a huge number of machines.

  • Oliver

    Another frustrated Java programmer here. Where do I get my hands on said materials?

  • Daeng Bo

    But we want more. 😉

    Seriously, Quickly and the other development tools coming out are great. More great docs would be better, though.

  • Jesse van den Kieboom

    I was wondering if it would be a cool idea to implement such a thing in an editor like gedit, instead of developing a separate application like Acire for that. It would be very easy to write a nice python plugin for gedit (which could be a Snippet in itself) to incorporate such a tool.

    It would benefit from the integration of gedit in GNOME and its availability on almost every GNOME system. You can also immediately start programming (and gedit is a very beginners user friendly editor).

  • w1nGNUtz

    Yep. I feel exactly the same. Work with .Net for 5 years and am planning soon to leave it and devote my energies to free software. Already started with translations on LP and soon will be starting my programming adventures in python. Maybe one day I live of it.

    This week is really being amazing… thanks you all for all this!

  • Mel

    This is great. I can’t imagine the many great apps that will be released in the future all thank’s to this week.

  • Zac

    I so glad it was a success. Thanks Jono.

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