Ubuntu Community Team Opportunities: Second Draft

Last week I posted a blog entry highlighting two internship opportunities on my team at Canonical, one for a Ubuntu Community Documentation Author and one for a Ubuntu Community Web Developer. After the announcement went out there was a little flame and fire surrounding the opportunities, particularly surrounding the rules and regulations about internships in different parts of the world. Thank you to those of you who shared constructive feedback about the opportunities.

I was really keen to make sure we do the right thing regarding these opportunities, so today I had a call with our head of Human Resources and HR rockstar Alice Paul, and we discussed the feedback and what amendments to the opportunities that we needed to make. We made a few mistakes I am keen to rectify. Firstly, we referred to these roles as internships, whereas they are more accurately volunteer opportunities and not internships. Secondly, they were too rigidly defined (more like normal job roles). Finally, they were written with the UK in mind (this is where our HR department is based). While the absolute best intentions were at heart (to provide a great opportunity for two smart and enthusiastic folks to get some experience working with my team), some of these mistakes made it sound too rigid. Well, let’s fix these mistakes, get these opportunities in shape, and get this train back on the road again. :-)

So, let’s give this another shot. I am keen to provide an opportunity for two folks to come and spend some time with my team, work on some community projects, and get some experience. They are:

  • Ubuntu Community Documentation Author – produce a series of well-written and clear materials about a range of different topics in the Ubuntu community surrounding how to participate.
  • Ubuntu Community Web Developer – in conjunction with the team and the community, design new features and solutions for some of our community websites.

All of the projects these two opportunities would focus on are Ubuntu community projects and free and Open Source.

Unlike the previous post, there is no fixed time engagement period or hours for these opportunities: we can discuss these and figure out something that works well for you with your other commitments. As before, these opportunities are entirely optional and unpaid volunteer opportunities for those of you who are keen to get some experience working with my team ; this could be a great addition for your resume.

If you are interested in this, contact Alice Paul at alice.paul AT canonical DOT com and use the subject Community Team Opportunities – please include an up to date resume with your experience and skills.

  • http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/03/19/two-ubuntu-community-team-intern-opportunities-available/ Two Ubuntu Community Team Intern Opportunities Available | jonobacon@home


  • Pendulum

    Are you still looking for cover letters & CVs? (You’re not really clear in this announcement on what should be sent to Alice)

  • jono

    Updated to reflect this: thanks!

  • http://www.happyassassin.net Adam Williamson

    “Well, let’s fix these mistakes, get these opportunities in shape, and get this train back on the road again.”

    Not so fast, Jono – you’d better make sure it’s ship-shape first! πŸ˜‰

  • https://blog.misc.ephaone.org/ Michael

    I fail to understand why this should be acked by HR if this is a Ubuntu Community opportunity. I mean, what is so special in these 2 tasks that could not be done by the community as usual ? ( especially since you lifted the engagement time opportunitie ).

  • http://boredandblogging.com Nick


    The difference is that you are specifically signing up to be Jono’s beoctch. Some of us just kind of fall into that roll. Right, Jono? πŸ˜›

  • http://boredandblogging.com Nick

    Role, not roll. Gah!

  • jono

    You know it, Ali. You know it. Now, back to work! :-)

  • jono

    I mainly wanted to see what the law and best practice required: that then led us to conclusion of instead looking for volunteers and making sure that the details are more negotiable. :-)

  • http://www.coreyburger.ca Corey Burger

    If you are asking for specific hours, you might still run into legal issues with labour law. For instance, here in British Columbia you can hire an employee as a contractor but the Employment Standards Act still applies, because “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck.”

  • jono

    From what I can tell this would not apply as this would be firmly drafted as a volunteer post.

  • Markus Korn

    And now this sounds like it would perfectly fit into the concept of Google’s Summer of Code, if the community was the driving act behind this and not Canonical.

  • jono

    While I work for Canonical and I am looking for someone, it is pretty much a community position: it is not going to be working on any Canonical-specific projects projects, but instead working on general community projects: I am just going to be investing the time and resources of my team to help the folks who apply for these opportunities to be successful.

  • Daniel Bell

    Is there a rigid start date for these opportunities? I am a University student looking for something to do over the holidays. Exams will end in the middle of May, so naturally won’t be available until after that point.

  • http://issyl0.wordpress.com issyl0

    Interesting, very interesting. Hmmm! :)