150 Python Snippets. 20 Topics. Nice!

I just wanted to share something I am rather proud of. Python Snippets, the project I put together to gather an archive of simple Python examples that can be viewed with Acire on your desktop.

Well, today I merged in our 150th snippet, contributed by Andy Breiner. For the curious, the record-breaking snippet demonstrates how to delete a record from a CouchDB database with DesktopCouch.

We now have 150 simple Python examples that span 20 different areas:

  • Application Indicator – application indicator examples.
  • Apport – the apport crash handling framework.
  • bzrlib – bazaar source control system Python module.
  • Clutter – clutter toolkit examples.
  • dbus – dbus messaging system
  • DesktopCouch – desktopcouch examples.
  • feedparser – parsing RSS feeds.
  • Gstreamer – python-gstreamer examples.
  • Gwibber – gwibber microblogging tool
  • Notify OSD – notify OSD examples.
  • PyGTK – pygtk widget and framework examples.
  • PyGTKSourceView – pygtksourceview widget and framework examples.
  • Python Core – examples that demonstrate core features in the Python language.
  • Python VTE – snippets using the VTE widget for GTK.
  • PyKDE4 – KDE Python bindings.
  • PyQt4 – Qt widget examples
  • Patterns – design pattern examples.
  • launchpadlib – examples using launchpadlib.
  • WebKit examples uing the webkit browser widget.
  • Zeitgeist – examples on how to use Zeitgeist.

I am really pleased how Acire and Python Snippets are becoming a constantly growing resource that is actively helping developers get to grips with different modules. Thanks to everyone who has contributed snippets to the library!

Of course, we want more snippets, so if you want to add some, go and read this guide to explain how!

  • Yann

    Jono, this is such a simple idea, yet it is utterly extraordinary. Frankly, this rocks :)

  • pachi

    Jono, would it be possible to have a proper website for Acire + Python-snippets so http://www.pygtk.org can refer to it and people get a more accesible place with information on how to contribute?

    AFAICT, as it is now, only Planet readers know about it and this is a pity. The problem showed on the PyGTK ML when I mentioned Acire, as I think it (plus Python-snippets) can be a great resource for Python developers using GNOME/GTK+.

  • jono

    Out of curiosity, what is less accessable about http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PythonSnippets – it is readily available, has instructions for how to contribute snippets, how to install Acire and more?

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  • http://breinera.wordpress.com/ Andy Breiner

    Thanks for the shoot-out. I hope to upload some Clutter snippets this weekend. By they way do you have an eta on the shirts from the Opportunistic Developer contest? Just wondering.

  • http://breinera.wordpress.com/ Andy Breiner

    shout-out not shoot-out!

  • jono

    Thanks, Andy!

    As for the t-shirt, I recommend you ask Cezzaine who you sent your address to about where it is. :-)

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  • pachi

    Thanks Jono for putting up the website for Acire Snippets!

    The problem was with finding the right page to take as the project reference website.

    There was your blog, the lauchpad project page, the wiki pages and some others, and it was really difficult to guess an authoritative site. The wiki page doesn’t even appear in the first 50 results of a google search for ‘Acire’!

    Thanks again and I hope this attracts more contributors!