New Acire and Python Snippets Website

With the goal of Acire and Python Snippets seeking to serve multiple distributions, it seemed appropriate to give it it’s own website. Thanks to the wonderful people over at for making my fave CMS available as a free hosted service, we now have our new website!

This was a result of a few hours work, so there is plenty to do on the site. Let me know what kind of content you would like to see.

Of course, the most important page is the how to contribute a snippet page if you…er…get my drift. 😉

  • Marius

    Following these projects for a while and keep asking myself, why isn’t this a web application?

    Python Snippets could be a pure web app. Acire partially and the rest could be editor plugins that talk to a the web app through some API.

    Have you considered that?

  • Seth Dudenhofer

    If not a full website at least a website that could be added to and still update the snippets. One that pulls and pushes to the latest python-snippets build (or at least adds suggestions to the queue). Is there any sort of plan to add website functionality? I would donate the server space if needed.

  • jono

    I think having a web frontend for adding a snippet would be great: it could then just bzr commit that snippet and propose it automatically so the python-snippets team can review it.

  • jono

    So the project has the snippets in python-snippets and Acire as a desktop frontend. The reason I wrote it this way is to have multiple frontends, and in fact RainCT wrote a simple web frontend.

    The desktop client has a bunch of benefits though such as the ability to run and test snippets, desktop integration and more.

  • Zaheer Merali

    Unfortunately there seems to be an error checking out acire from bzr.

    bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for Expected a boundary (3baGwOvPT:/NH9X9’u2k) line, got ”

  • Zaheer Merali

    sorry, ignore above. seems being in bahrain airport makes me behind an http proxy that breaks bzr. I created a socks proxy over ssh and used that for bzr and now it works and i have acire checked out :)

  • jono

    That is awesome that you are playing with it Zaheer. Do let me know what you think. :-)