Truth In Pictures

If this makes no sense, listen to the first five seconds of this.

(from Jorge)

  • jorge
  • neuro

    mastafpuppitzahmpullinurstrngs … twizinurlyfansmashnurdrmzzzz …

    gotta love the jaymz

  • sime

    Yeah this is wicked.

    Starting a new meme? LOL-mettali-CATS ?

  • Jef

    Haters gonna hate

  • Jordan

    Epic, dude. Epic.

  • Mel

    I always wondered what he really sings in that part of the song!!!!

  • Martin Owens

    Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire.

    Or was this not a test? 😀

  • Alistair McKinlay

    Jono: Is this you after a long weekend of not shaving?

    I’ve never looked at him like that before, but I can def see it now.

    Good song! Metallica!!! Woooo!!!

  • Jonathan Carter

    Ubuntu does already have Fully Automatic Installations (FAI).

    James could still get a Freeze Universe Exception (FUE) if he justs files a bug on Launchpad and subscribes the ubuntu-release team.

    For Dabajabaza I guess he could file a Request For Packaging bug and tag it needs-packaging. If it’s available under a free license then it could be included in Ubuntu in 10.10.

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