Acire and Python Snippets Rockstars

Today Andy Breiner submitted a new Python snippet that demonstrates the use of the os module and Regular Expressions and looks at all the snippets in the Python Snippets library and counts how many people have submitted snippets. This is a great way of seeing how many people are contributing to the project. Well, I wanted to share the date with you folks:

  • Jim Bublitz: 15 snippets
  • Andy Breiner: 11 snippets
  • Jono Bacon: 10 snippets
  • Darren Worrall: 7 snippets
  • Simon Vermeersch: 6 snippets
  • Scott Ferguson: 4 snippets
  • Jurjen Stellingwerff: 4 snippets
  • Tim Voet: 3 snippets
  • Markus Korn: 3 snippets
  • Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals: 3 snippets
  • Huntly Cameron: 3 snippets
  • Tiago Boldt Sousa: 2 snippets
  • Simon Edwards: 1 snippet
  • Scott James Remnant: 1 snippet
  • Benjamin Klueglein: 1 snippet
  • Rich Jones: 1 snippet
  • Oliver Marks: 1 snippet
  • John Turek: 1 snippet
  • Jonathan Riddell: 1 snippet
  • Josh Holland: 1 snippet
  • João Pinto: 1 snippet
  • Gonzalo Núñez: 1 snippet
  • Nick Veitch: 1 snippet
  • Evan Briones: 1 snippet
  • David D. Lowe: 1 snippet
  • Bruno Girin: 1 snippet
  • David Futcher: 1 snippet
  • Bastian Kennel: 1 snippet
  • Andre “Osku” Schmidt: 1 snippet

What a fantastic collection of top-tier rock stars! These people have come together to contribute to a total of 173 snippets as it stands today! The other snippets in the library don’t have a specific author attached (they came from documentation).

I am not only pleased with how some of these folks have really gone to town in creating snippets, but also just how many different people have contributed. That is fantastic.

Of course, you can be one of these people too! Go and find out how to contribute your Python snippets today!

  • LaserJock

    And don’t forget the docs! I think Acire has huge potential for really changing the way people learn programming. However, the snippets really need thorough documentation to make the awesomeness complete. Rock on!

  • Andy Breiner

    Just to be totally clear, my snippet ignores python files that don’t have the SNIPPET_AUTHOR and it will also ignore python files that don’t have emails in the SNIPPET_AUTHOR. I choose to find the email since that will be unique. So at last count there were 3 files that have an author but no email.

  • nixternal

    Hey, that is unfair. I am the one who committed all of Jim Bublitz’s snippets as well as Riddell’s snippet :) I want some love for converting them all over so Acire could use them correctly :p

    /me goes back to breaking plymouth in kubuntu

  • jono

    Yes, indeed, docs are really important! :-)

    Also, thanks for saying you think Acire will help change how people code: that is awesome. :-)

  • jono

    We love you. All of us. :-)

  • Jon

    One of those snippets would be mine :(

  • Andrew Breiner

    Over this coming weekend I will try and make it more robust and I will work on getting my snippet to count your snippet.

  • oliver

    I was wondering if there’s also a web frontend available for submitting snippets?

  • Jon

    haha no need I wasn’t expecting to be counted, I didn’t want my email “out there” thats why its not there

  • nixternal

    grrrr baby grrrr!