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Acire Hacking

This afternoon I took a little time to work on some changes in Acire; my little graphical front-end to a library of Python Snippets. I wanted to share this work as I think it will continue to help Acire be a useful little tool. Today I added a new feature that helps you tie online […]

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Two Ubuntu Community Team Intern Opportunities Available

PLEASE NOTE THIS POST IS NOW OBSOLETE – PLEASE INSTEAD REFER TO THIS POST REGARDING THESE OPPORTUNITIES. THIS IS MERELY HERE FOR HISTORICAL REFERENCE. Today I am pleased to announce two fantastic opportunities for two enthusiastic, motivated and energetic folks to come and join my team for a six month internship. You will join Daniel […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam: Time To Rock The House

As many of you wonderful people of the Internet should be intimately aware of, the Ubuntu Global Jam takes place from the 26th – 28th March 2010. That is only a few weeks away, and while we have some great events already set up, we need more! I just wanted to highlight how simple it […]

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Unleashing The Ubuntu LoCo Directory

One of the most wonderful sub-communities in the Ubuntu world are our LoCo Teams; the global span of Ubuntu advocacy groups that are out there every day helping to spread the word about Ubuntu. These wonderful people are on the front-lines helping people to get started with Ubuntu and providing a fantastic place to meet, […]

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Lucid Community Progress

As many of you will know, I manage the Ubuntu Community team at Canonical where Daniel Holbach, Jorge Castro and David Planella work. Together we strive to make the Ubuntu community a fun, productive and engaging environment. This work involves a tremendous range of diverse disciplines and projects. One thing that we have been really […]

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Download Files Async With Gio And Python

Recently I asked for some help on how to download a file without blocking the GUI. Thanks to everyone who contributed their expertise in the post comments: I now have my program working great. I wanted to now share my conclusions so that others can benefit from them too. To do this I am going […]

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Ubuntu Global Jam Videocast

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, on Tues 16th March at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 6pm GMT I will be doing a live At Home With Jono Bacon videocast dedicated to the Ubuntu Global Jam; the fantastic global event taking place from 26th – 28th March 2010 in which Ubuntu contributors get together […]

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Downloading Large Files Async With GIO

Slightly technical question for my friends on Planet GNOME. I have been hunting around for some help online with no luck, so I figured I would post here and hopefully this blog entry can be a solution for those who have similar questions. I am in the process of porting App Of Jaq to to […]

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Unwrapping The Community Manager at OSBC in San Francisco

I just wanted to let you good people of the Internet know that I will be delivering a brand new talk entitled Unwrapping The Community Manager at OSBC in San Francisco at 11.40am on Thu 18th March 2010. In the presentation I will be deconstructing the role of community manager and discussing: who needs a […]

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System 76 Lemur Review

This blog entry represents the views of me, myself and I, and does not represent the views of my employer (Canonical) or System 76. While I have decided to write a review of this specific machine, there are many vendors out there who ship Ubuntu on their machines and this review does not favor System76 […]

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