More Python Snippets

While I have been away this week on vacation there were 16 new submissions with new snippets! I utterly flabbergasted at how many of you good folks are contributing snippets.

I just reviewed all of these submissions and we now have a bunch of new snippets, including:

  • WebKit examples and a fantastic snippet for theming a table dynamically.
  • Handling CSV files.
  • A slew of new DesktopCouch snippets.
  • A bunch of new Clutter snippets.
  • A snippet that reads in spreadsheets (.ods files).
  • We also had some new categories started with new snippets for the inspect and gconf modules.

Thanks everyone for your rocking work! We now have 191 snippets in the library! :-)

Want to contribute? Go and find out how!

  • zedtux


    I want to tell you that what you’re doing is awesome ! Continue like this, please !! :)

  • Glubbdrubb

    I would like to contribute 40 or so snippets, but they are very short (about 5 lines each) and they deal with the more basic modules in Python. Some are built in modules,but others are third-party modules like Gwibber and webkit.

    These snippets won’t actually execute anything, they are just examples of code.

    Will these be suitable?

  • Travis

    I can’t add any Launchpad python-snippets ppa’s in Synaptics since they’re not for Natty. Do you have plans to add ppa’s for Natty? Or is there a workaround?