Stepping Down From FLOSSWeekly

Some time back I was asked on to FLOSSWeekly to do an interview about Ubuntu, Community, and Severed Fifth. The interview was fun and seemed to go well, so much so that they asked me to join them as a co-presenter on the show. I then joined the show on a mostly weekly basis, providing more of a Linux perspective and what I hoped were some fairly to-the-point questions for our guests. :-)

Well, things are changing a little in the show and it is moving to a different timeslot which will be in my morning, and my mornings are full to the brim with conference calls most weeks. As such, unfortunately I will be saying my goodbyes to FLOSSWeekly.

I just want to say a huge thank-you to Randal, Leo, Dane, Colleen, all of our guests, and all of the wonderful listeners who have been so supportive and welcoming of me to the show. It has been a blast and I wish Randal and his new co-host the best with FLOSSWeekly!

  • Johnny

    That’s too bad! I think you added great technical knowledge and random comic relief that the show needed. Flossing without bacon i guess :-(

  • Paul Rudkin

    Sorry to hear you are leaving the show. In your short time of co-hosting I think the shows quality improved dramatically and with your in-depth knowledge of all things open source. You will be missed!


  • Jochen

    Hi Jono,

    I’m sad to hear that. Perhaps times will change again and you will be able come back to FLOSS Weekly somewhen in the future.

    Bye Jochen

  • Randal L. Schwartz

    It’s been an honor to have had you on the show, first as a guest (twice, I think :) and as a co-host for these past many months. I’m sorry the new timeslot doesn’t work for you. You’re always welcome back when you can find a hole in your schedule! You will be missed.

  • Alistair Munro (b1ackcr0w)

    Ah, shame. FWIW, The interview you did with the chap from Boycott Novell was one of the best bits of pod/vidcast journalism I’ve seen.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • David Grizzly Smith

    Sorry to hear that, Jono, you made a great contribution to the show, and carried the whole thing when Randal wasn’t available. You’ll be missed. But good luck and good hunting in future!


  • markus

    sorry to hear that, hope they bring you on now and than :) you’re sort of funny, you know 😉

  • C. Garison

    I am sorry to hear you moving away from FLOSS. I feel like this show is the red headed step child of the TWiT network.

    Best of luck!

  • Eric

    Bummer, you will be missed!

  • Jesse L. Anger

    Sorry to hear about the schedule conflict, I’ll be sure to come listen to you on It’s been a pleasure listening to you on FLOSSWeekly.

  • Till

    Do not want!

    2×10 minutes per week just isn’t enough Jono for me.

    Anyway, I’m sure all FLOSS Weekly listeners are going to miss you.

  • Casper Bang

    What a pity. FLOSSWeekly is one of my favorites; deep, broad and you added a nice yet balanced Linux perspective to it all. Oh well, in good news; soon it’s 10.4 party time! :)

  • alex

    Oh bummer. I enjoyed listening to you each week. I hope that some scheduling alternatives change so that you can come back to the twit network. I have always found your questions interesting and insightful.

  • Troy Ready

    Sad, but quite understandable. You will be missed!

  • Tom

    Those dreaded moving time slots. I hate them!

  • Tim

    you will be sorely missed. I’ve been following you since the lugradio days. As most people have said, you bring not only a decent technical depth to the show, but are also fun to listen to.

    Floss will not be the same without bacon

  • jeremy

    your valuable insight will be missed. Thank you for all the valuable content you were able to provide while on floss weekly.

  • Martin

    I’ve been listening to FLOSS since the beginning, and it improved by an order of magnitude when Randal came on board, and then by an order of magnitude again when you became a regular. Your sense of humour and intelligent commentary will be missed.

    The show remains in good hands nevertheless, and I hope that Randal will continue to be able to put as much time and energy into it as he has so far.

    But… does this mean you will have time to produce more episodes of SoJ?

  • Matt Gumbley

    Sorry to hear you’re stepping down Jono, many thanks for improving an already excellent podcast. Hopefully they’ll have you back from time to time!

  • Joel Pickett

    Dang, FLOSSWeekly is my favourite podcast. You always seemed to add a witty high-level comment to lighten the show off it’s technical edge. Hope you return someday for an episode or two. :)

  • Tin

    Floss only got good when you were on. Leo is a Apple fan and is not that interested in Floss. Randal is also a Apple fan with a Unix history and is Perl/Smalltalk geek.

    They really don’t have the broad insight into the Floss ecosystem like distro people.

    The show is likely to get a lot worse now :(

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  • dannyc

    noooo . jono bacon and the twit network goes perfect together , for me . well i’m sure floss weekly will carry on fine with out you . but i must say , the only reason i have been listening lately was because of you on the show .

    how about a linux show on twit ?