Ubuntu/Launchpad Single Sign On Now Open Source

I just wanted to share some good news. Some time back we made Launchpad available as Open Source, and we have gone on to see a wonderful and thriving Launchpad development community flourish there.

One component in particular that was not made available as Open Source, was the Canonical Identity Provider which is used by the Launchpad Single Sign On and Ubuntu Single Sign on facilities. I am pleased to announce that we are now able to provide this code under an AGPL3 license. Thanks to Stuart Metcalfe who has been coordinating the technical and licensing work to be able to contribute this change.

You can grab the code from this Launchpad project page.

  • http://forteller.net Børge A. Roum

    AGPL FTW! Thank you, Canonical! :)

  • http://votepirate.org Tim Dobson

    Great that Canonical isn’t giving us the FUD about not releasing Launchpad components these days… now how about Landscape server side? :)

  • http://automorphic.blogspot.com Sandy

    Brilliant, little things like this are really awesome! Glad to see this sort of thing coming from the big C. :-)

  • http://blog.grossmeier.net Greg Grossmeier


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  • Pat

    Woohoo, way to go Canonical 😀

    I hope those of you there who are pushing for AGPLing the network code keep it up, cause it makes us community members all warm and fuzzy inside :)

    fingers crossed…. AGPL Ubuntu One server side code 😉

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  • http://jmonkeyengine.com Erlend

    Would this let me join together (in login) software such as Joomla!, DokuWiki and SMF? Been looking for a straight-forward SSO solution for so long…