Thank You Everyone For Ubuntu 10.04

Today we released Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, available in Desktop, Server, and Netbook editions.

Lucid is a phenomenal release that has brought a new finesse and shine to what we as a community have worked together to achieve. I see this finesse executed in a fantastic array of features (which you can read about here), and underlined by an unwavering commitment to quality through the many disciplines involved in building Ubuntu. This work has not only been undertake by our development team at Canonical, but also by our passionate global Ubuntu community.

Today is a day in which everyone involved in the Ubuntu community should sit back for a moment and feel proud of our achievements. Whether you have worked on code, packaging, testing, bugs, documentation, translations, advocacy, or whatever else, your contributions have made Lucid and it’s supporting global network of community contributions what it is. Building an Operating System is a large and complex task which demands a wide variety of different skills and personalities to achieve, and I am so proud of everyone who has brought their gift to the Ubuntu table to help make Ubuntu better for everyone.

As one person riding this train, I just want to thank you to all of you for your hard work. Now it is time to celebrate!

  • Alex Lourie

    Congratulations Jono! You and the team have done an amazing job!!


  • Richard Chng

    I love Ubuntu Linux and I will use it forever ! :-)

  • Darryl

    I too send out a big thank you to the entire Ubuntu community! Everyone is a vital piece of making Ubuntu successful and great!

  • Hassan

    wonderful job Ubuntu Team. Congratulations for this great release!

  • Basel J. Hamadeh

    Thanks guys.. all of you starting from Conanical and up to every single member of the community who contributed to Ubuntu

  • Tom

    Hey Jono,

    congrats for all the work you and the rest of the community did.

    I think you should really stress the fact that every Ubuntu release is gift from the community to the whole world.

    That thought gives warm feeling :)

  • Jeff Schroeder

    I love this new release! I’ve been using the Netbook Remix version on my little netbook for a while now, and with the new release things got so much better! Great job!

  • Isaiah Heyer

    When is going to be updated with the new site design?

  • Stu

    Cool…. any idea when 3D will be enabled with Nouveau ?

  • Brett Alton

    For an LTS release, I’m still SHOCKED that the window buttons are on the left and not right, especially with no easy method for the average user to switch them back to the right. Not everyone is going to know:

    gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

    I’m a programmer and I still had to look up that line.

    From a human interaction and usability stand-point, changing the interface like that was a terrible decision. Especially if you guys flip-flop and put it back for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat).

  • a

    Release notes (beyond the fancy “features list”) would have been nice, like maybe a warning saying “don’t install this if you have ATI graphics” or “don’t install this if you have Intel 855 graphics”. The beta releases had good release notes about this, what happened for the final release? 10.04 has trashed two laptops here now, sticking to 9.10 until someone works out basics graphics support.

  • MrCorey

    Or, if you’ve upgraded from a previous release, just switch back and forth between some of the extra themes that you’ve had from before, and your buttons will end up back on the right – at least mine did.

  • Anil Mahadev

    Congrats! to the Ubuntu Team.

  • Zac

    My thanks go to everyone involved. I am very happy with Ubuntu 10.04.

    Installed the Netbook edition on my Dell Latitude 2100, and everything worked out of the box perfectly. It looks and works great. I hope they are working to improve the netbook version because it’s more efficient for the small screen. But one small thing, the boot splash doesn’t show. It doesn’t matter though, it starts in 25 sec anyway…it such a nice splash to show people.

    Thanks for your work Jono.

  • ryan

    been installing the OS, well small niggle, when i finish installing the OS, that part when it says Installation finished Bla Bla Bla, restart. i click on the restart and when I get back onto the desktop there is no panel nothing zilch .. just the background. had to force restart the machine by pressing the power button after which everything starts fine. had this problem on eight machines today. all intel based 32bit systems.but besides that, I intend to clock 500 installs by Friday at my work place… and I am as happy as a kid who just got his first TOY … thanx guys

  • Brian McCullough

    I’m on 10.04 on both of my computers now, and loving it … but I see it’s troll time again. The folks who said that 9.10 was nowhere near as good as 9.04, they were leaving, and PulseAudio sucks, are now saying that 10.04 is nowhere near as good as 9.10, they’re leaving, and PulseAudio sucks. Jono, is there anything the user community can do to help deal with this???

    P.S.: Thanks for all you do on behalf of Ubuntu.

  • Evan

    Kudos for the great work on 10.04: I’ve been booting from a USB stick on my Latitude 2100 and am very pleased with the Netbook edition. Just a question for Zac: When you installed 10.04 on your Latitude 2100, did you wipe out the disk completely or did you just replace an existing partition? Thanks.

  • Tom Dison

    Well, it’s time for a beer! For me it’s an O’Douls, but I tip my glass in your direction. I think I may use this LTS for a long time!

  • Matt Mueller

    Well, I just have to say, I love the new Ubuntu. And Brett, the whole intention was that it was easier for Mac owners to transition, as Mac and Ubuntu are so easy to switch between. But if you want, just change it back. I didn’t even type in that code a while ago when I WANTED to change it; I went and opened Metacity and changed it from there.

    Now, my only qualm is PulseAudio. Yes, I know you’ve heard it all before, but when KMix detects my soundcard, cat /proc/asound/cards detects my soundcard, but PulseAudio does NOT, you know there’s something wrong.

  • Rob Tedder

    Thank you Ubuntu people – you made my life better!

  • Tim Shill

    The same thing happened to me a few releases back. I’m ok with things changing but things breaking is not acceptable for a distro with a timed release cycle.

    Bugs happen, but these “rockstar” developers that Canonical is employing are producing more than just a few rogue bugs – they’re outright incompetent.Really, the only distro that has it’s shit together right now is Fedora.Arch seemed quite nice for a while and their package manager is nice. But their hacky build system and their “we break it, you fix it” approach doesn’t lend itself to being productive.Mint is just a bunch of hipsters sporting shit eating grins and writing a few Python scripts. Great job guys, but that’s not a distro and I really don’t trust your plumbing work.

    Microsoft seem to have their hand up Novell’s anus, so I won’t even go there.

    All the rest are toy distros or fiddler distros.

    Oh god, I think I might be turning into a fanboy.

  • Albert Einstein

    “I’m a programmer and I still had to look up that line.”

    Seriously, you had to read documentation?! I thought a professional like you would just know that from birth.

    I’m a Physicist but….

  • Tim Shill

    And I think I might also be trolling 1 year old posts. Oops!

  • hazim

    Thanks goes to every one, for ubuntu 12.04 and all the releases previously . Ubuntu is the best OS in the world, its so stable.

    Thank you again. Note: Keep up the good work. :-)